Computer Labs FAQs

Computer Labs FAQs


The computers in the lab have the latest version of Microsoft Office installed.  If your document is saved on external media or in your email, you may open the document and print it in the computer lab.  You may also map to any printer or multifunction copier on your personal laptop and print directly from your laptop.

Student assistants are available to assist you. They will answer supported software questions, help you with the computers, and assist in troubleshooting problems

No, you are not allowed to install your own personal software on the Sacred Heart University computers. All software on these computers must be licensed by Sacred Heart University.

You are not allowed to download and install software on the Sacred Heart University computers, even if it is a free download. Our technical support staff needs to maintain control of the system configurations. You are allowed to download free software to your CD or USB key so that you can install it on your home system.

Yes, we have virus protection software on our systems, which will catch most viruses, but we make no guarantees. If you believe your files have been infected by a computer virus, contact a lab assistant. They will try to clean the virus and recover your data.

Please see the instructions for Windows.

Please see the instructions for Mac.