Confidentiality and Confidential Resources


Privacy & Confidentiality

Sacred Heart University will preserve student confidentiality to the extent possible and allowed by law. The degree, to which confidentiality can be protected, however, depends upon whether or not the individual is legally protected to withhold this information. The person being consulted should make these limits clear before any disclosure of facts. An individual can speak confidentially with certain persons in legally protected roles at Sacred Heart University, including University Chaplain and minister, counseling, wellness and health services staff. 

All reports and allegations of sexual misconduct will be investigated and may be resolved through the procedures outlined in this policy, and will be conducted with regard for the privacy of all those involved. Information acquired during Title IX and Sexual Misconduct procedures will be shared only with University investigators, identified witnesses, and other relevant parties. Only those individuals who need to be informed of the report will have access to the information acquired in any related investigation or subsequent proceedings. The reporting party and responding party are not restricted from discussing or sharing information related to the complaint with others if it may support them or assist them in presenting their case. However, the University encourages all parties involved to consider the privacy of other participating parties prior to divulging complaint related information.

Sacred Heart University maintains privacy and confidentiality in relation to any accommodations or protective measures afforded to a complainant or respondent provided to the extent it does not impair the institution’s ability to provide the accommodations or protective measures. While the Title IX Coordinator, or designee, will review all requests for confidentiality or a request to not investigate, the Title IX Coordinator, or designee, will take appropriate steps to respond to the matter consistent with Title IX regulations and concerns for the greater University community.

On Campus Confidential Resources

Campus Ministry
SC 125 - Academic Building, 203-371-7840

The office of Campus Ministry, rooted in the Catholic tradition, is open to all currently enrolled University students and is a welcoming place for students of all faiths to explore and nurture their spiritual life. We offer a variety of programs and opportunities for students to discover what they believe and find where they belong.

Maureen Hamilton Wellness Center
4980 Park Avenue, Fairfield, CT 06825

The Wellness Center houses the following services to students:

  • Counseling Services: 203-371-7955
  • Health Services: 203-371-7838

The Counseling Center is a free, confidential resource providing individual and group counseling and other mental health support for students. By appointment only.  All contacts are confidential.

The Health Services Center provides accessible, comprehensive and cost-effective primary health care and educational outreach. All contacts are confidential.

Off Campus Confidential Resources

Center for Family Justice
753 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06604, Rape Crisis Hotline: 203-333-2233

Providing free, confidential, bilingual crisis services that help all people plagued by domestic and sexual violence restore their lives, and educating our communities to prevent future abuse. It is the comprehensive services our partners are providing that are streamlining the road to healing and self-sufficiency. Family Justice Centers (FJC) use a coordinated approach to offer services designed to break the cycle of violence, in a safe place, under one roof. Police, prosecutors, civil/legal providers, counselors and client advocates work together to streamline how they help people heal while reducing costs. All contacts are confidential.

Connecticut Office of the Victim Advocate
505 Hudson Street 5th Floor Hartford, CT 06106, 860-550-6632