Inclement Weather Policies for Staff and Administration

In the event of inclement weather, the University will remain open for business purposes, and all staff and administration should report to work. However, there may be times when Sacred Heart University may cancel some or all of the day’s classes or possibly the University will close completely for the day. These guidelines are available to assist you with managing your attendance during such circumstances.

In the event the University cancels classes:

A delayed opening may be posted indicating that classes are delayed and/or canceled; however staff and administration should report to work by the alternate time indicated on the snow line.

  • In the event an employee does not feel he or she will be able to report to work on time, needs to leave work early or needs to cancel the day completely, the employee is required to notify his or her Supervisor and/or Manager immediately.
  • An employee may utilize their available personal time to cover the absence. In the event the employee does not have personal time available, the employee may utilize a vacation day. 
  • At no point, should employees be made to feel that they are required to stay at work or come into the office, especially if they feel their safety is at risk. 

In the event the University closes (i.e., power outage, state of emergency declared by the State of Connecticut, etc.):

  • Staff & Administration who are scheduled to work are not required to report into the University. The employee’s regularly scheduled workday will be paid for without charge to the employee’s vacation and/or personal accrual.
  • Essential Service employees provide care for the safety of the students and staff. The following departments are considered “Essential Services” and are still expected to report to work in the event the University closes: Campus Operations, Dining Services, Library Staff, Fitness & Recreation Operations Staff, Public Safety, Residential Life and Student Union. Coverage and scheduling of these areas are the responsibility of the divisional/departmental leader. 

Should you have any questions concerning these guidelines, or if you require further clarification, please contact the Office of Human Resources.

Notification of University Closing, Delayed Opening and/or Cancellation of Classes: 

Due to space or other limitations with voice recordings or electronic messages, the university website will contain the most complete and updated information.  Further notification will include:

  • Recording on the SHU Info Line: 203-365-7669 or ext. 7669
  • Alerts sent through SHU EAS emergency alert system (text message & email)
  • Notification through news media outlets News12 and