Workers Compensation

Effective April 2, 2012

IMPORTANT: Read the documents above regarding the new requirements under the SHU Workers' Compensation Policy.

  • It is very important that you report any work related injury or illness immediately, whether or not you need medical treatment right away.   A record/report of your injury is required for workers' compensation insurance coverage and is really important in case you need to seek treatment later.

  • Please be sure to follow the protocol established for treatment of work related injuries.  Initial treatment for a work related injury/ illness must be obtained at one of the following approved facilities listed in the Preferred Providers links above.  Any follow-up care must be provided by a provider ant he Travelers Workers' Compensation Medical Care Plan (MCP).  The link to this provider listing can be found in the "Employee Announcement Letter" and "Employee Information Notice" above.


  1. In the event of an employment related illness or injury, the supervisor must call Public Safety immediately to file a report. The employee's supervisor and a representative from Public Safety will jointly interview the employee to record the events which led to the illness or injury. If the event is an emergency and the employee is in need of immediate medical attention, transportation will be provided to a medical provider/facility or an ambulance will be requested. Interviews will be conducted at a later date when the employee is medically able to participate.

  2. Any illness or injury causing an employee to miss 3 or more continuous work days requires the employee to be seen by his/her physician to determine whether he/she is able to return to work with or without restrictions or accommodations. During this evaluation the employee must inform the physician of the University's return to work policy and provide the physician with his/ her regular job description that identifies the essential functions of the job and its physical requirements.

  3. For the purposes of this Policy, when the employee is able to return to work the attending physician must complete the Physical Capacities Report (PCR), indicating the specific restrictions and the duration of those restrictions. The physician must also indicate whether the employee will be able to return to work to his/her regularly assigned duties at the end of this modified duty period.

  4. Based upon the information provide in the PCR, Human Resources will determine if the employee is an eligible candidate for modified duty and whether a temporary assignment is available.  In some cases it may not be feasible for the University to offer a temporary assignment.