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Setting Up Your SHU Email Address

Click the button to the right and follow the few easy steps for "New Users." You will need your SHU Student ID number ‌provided to you in your acceptance letter.  

Once you have been provided with your SHU Email, please write down your username and email address as you will need to use them throughout your time here at Sacred Heart University. Typically your assigned email account is your last name, first initial (ex: Your username is whatever is to the left of the (ex: smithj).    

All SHU related correspondence in the future will now be sent to this email account. You are required to check this account frequently. 

To check your email, visit the Sacred Heart University website and click on the “mySHU” button that is located in the top right hand corner of the page. Log in using your username and the password you created. After logging into the "mySHU" portal, click on the Office365 icon on the Launch Pad in the upper left hand corner of the page to access your email. The first time you log in to your email, you will be asked to set up the language and the time zone.

Accessing MySHU

See MySHU at the top of your SHU home screen in the red bar?  This is your personal portal to access other pertinant systems such as WebAdvisor and Blackboard which will be explained further down the page.


Navigating WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor is everything in relation to you as a student at SHU.  It will show your personal demographics, course schedule, payments due, and any restrictions that may impede you moving forward in the program.  it also is the location for you to personally register for further classes after your initial enrollment.

How to Access Blackboard

While WebAdvisor pertains to information about you, Blackboard is your portal to your individual classes.  Here is where you would look for your assignments, upload or download material, see your grades as well as interact with others in the class.