Contract Review Guidelines

Contract Review Guidelines

These guidelines and information is provided to assist you when doing business with Sacred Heart University. If you have any questions, please contact the General Counsel’s office at 203-396-8461, the Purchasing Manager at 203-371-7929 or the Risk Manager at 203-396-8046.

If you are providing goods or services to the University, in most cases a contract will need to be executed.  See Contract Review & Approval Procedure for details.

In addition you will need to complete a Vendor Packet, which includes a Vendor information form and W-9 Form, and submit it to the Purchasing Manager. 

In most cases you will also have to submit a certificate of insurance to the Risk Manager.  See Contractor & Vendor Insurance Requirements for details.  Vendors and Contractors are not permitted to perform services on University property without providing a valid certificate of insurance to the Risk Manager.

Contracts are negotiated by outside parties directly with the responsible manager at Sacred Heart University. Your initial contact should be with this manager. Once you have agreed upon terms and conditions of the service or product being sold to the University, then your contract should be forwarded to If you are an outside party and have a standard contract you use, we will consider it for use. If you do not have a standard contract, then we will provide one for use.

If the Sacred Heart University manager you are dealing with and you cannot agree on contract language then the General Counsel’s office will contact your attorney to negotiate the contract.

Please review the signing authority contained in the Contract Review Policy. All contracts are signed last by the University. You must sign first. There is no authority expressed or implied to sign contracts on behalf of the University outside of this Policy. If you accept a contract signed by a Sacred Heart University employee outside of the Policy, you do so at your own risk.