How Parents Can Contribute

The Career Development and Placement Center always seeks to develop and expand relationships with employers to increase both the quantity and diversity of professional opportunities for SHU students and alumni. As a parent, you can be a vital connection in this process. If you are interested in enhancing your employer's recruitment efforts with the University, you may consider facilitating this process at your place of employment.

Opportunities to engage your employer with Career Development programs and services range from limited to very high involvement. Below are some examples of how you can initiate a connection between Sacred Heart University and your employer:

  • Provide the name and contact information of the human resource manager at your organization to the Executive Director of Career Development; our office will do the rest!
  • Forward the resume of a qualified Sacred Heart student to a human resource manager or hiring manager who currently has an opening.
  • Contact our office if you know of a particular position opening, as we may be able to forward resumes of qualified students and/or alumni.
  • Suggest Sacred Heart as source of internship* and entry level candidates and provide human resource and hiring managers with our office contact information.
  • Facilitate a meeting between the Career Center and a hiring manager who is trying to identify intern or full-time candidates.

*If you are not aware of a formal internship program at your place of employment, suggest that a human resource manager may want to consider contacting us for information about implementing a program.  Many employers use internships to test the compatibility of individual students with the organization as well as groom young talent for full-time positions.  Internship recruiting also allows the employer to evaluate the University as a staffing source for both short- and long-term hiring needs. All it takes is one successful Sacred Heart intern to establish an ongoing recruitment relationship between the University and a given organization.

If you are interested in helping the Sacred Heart University Career Development and Placement Center connect with your organization, please contact us at 203-371-7975 or