Pre-Law Information

Applying to law school is a competitive process that you should begin preparing for early on in your collegiate career.  First, choose an academic major that interests you, as students naturally tend to be more motivated and able to perform best in their areas of interest.  It would not be a good idea to make the mistake of choosing a major outside your area of interest because you believe it "will be good for law school."Law schools accept dedicated students from all undergraduate disciplines and place an emphasis on strong writing, reasoning, communication, and critical thinking skills, all critical components of a successful law student.  

The following are key factors in the law school admissions process:

  • LSAT score                                 
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Undergraduate GPA                     
  • Character and personality
  • Undergraduate course of study      
  • Work experience
  • Grade progression                     
  • Graduate study (if applicable)
  • College(s) attended                       
  • Reasons for studying law
  • Personal statement                       
  • Activities & volunteerism

You'll want to apply to law school early on in your senior year (perhaps even August or September). You don't need to wait until receiving your LSAT scores to start compiling application materials. The average law school applicant applies to five or six law schools. Consider applying to one or two “dream schools” that you don't quite meet the criteria for but think you have a chance of being accepted to, a few schools for which you meet the school's median GPA and LSAT score criteria, and one or two “safety” schools where you are almost certain that you will be accepted but that also meet your educational needs and goals.

The Departments of Political Science at Sacred Heart University offers students planning on going to law school the opportunity to join the Pre-law Club. Participation in the Club will provide students with several benefits and enhance their preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and law school. The Pre-law Club will supply students with general information about law schools and provide a forum for students to organize the application process. Contact Steve Michels, Advisor, at 203-396-8032 or for information.


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