Prospective Students

“The opportunities to network, build your resume, gain hands-on experience through internships, and make post-graduation arrangements (be it employment or continued schooling) are all available to Sacred Heart students. The most valuable advice I could give to incoming freshmen is that it is never too early to talk to someone in the Career Development Center.”  - Olivia, Class of 2012 

All new SHU students are invited to utilize the Center for Career and Professional Development as soon as orientation and certainly during their freshman year. In fact, all freshmen receive a jump-start on career planning during their first semester when all first-year students are required to attend a Career Week presentation. A team of First-Year Career Specialists reaches out to freshmen on an ongoing basis to engage them with resources and services specific to their interests and needs, which we learn about at Orientation and through Mapworks surveying early in the semester and again in the spring.

“Career Development played a significant part of my freshman year! I worked with a Career Specialist to create a resume as well as confirm that Sociology was the major for me. I felt more confident having this resource on campus.” – Michelle, Class of 2017