Recycling Program

"Every question is our calling; every answer is our privilege"

We have an obligation to acknowledge that our world is alive, and it is our responsibility to care for and protect it so that it can be shared by future generations. We should be concerned not only about the incidents that involve major environmental pollutions, but also the many small ways that we can add to the protection of our world. Sacred Heart is firmly committed to this goal, and we have grown over the past several years in our campus efforts at recycling.

Together with our waste hauler we are now able to make our recycling efforts extremely simple: there is no need to separate recyclables! ALL recycling materials can now be a part of a Single Stream Recycling Program in which materials are mixed together to be separated at the transfer station.

>> View the list of items that can become a part of this Single Stream Recycling

Please study it and be aware of all that can be placed in recycling with no separation.

Our goal is to reduce our trash waste stream by 10%. Almost all of this can be accomplished by a united effort at increasing our recycling efforts. Please do your part each day.