Signature Authorization Limits

Disbursement Authorization Limits

Minimum Authorization*

Transactions to $5,000,000 President

Transactions to $250,000


President OR Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration OR (in the absence of the President) joint signatures of Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration AND Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Transactions to $50,000 Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Transactions to $10,000 Vice Presidents

Transactions to $5,000


Assistant Vice President, Dean, Associate Vice President, Executive Director, Executive Assistant to the President, University Librarian, Athletic Director, Enrollment Planning & Student Affairs Divisional Budget Director, Associate Dean of Students, Registrar, General Manager WSHU
Transactions to $1,000

Associate/Assistant Dean, Director, Department Chair

Transactions to $500 Associate/Assistant Director, Manager

* Lower dollar levels can be established internally.

** Authorizations are to be obtained within departmental/divisional hierarchies and are determined by SHU employee job titles.