Any University employee whose position requires them to routinely complete purchase requisitions and/or use PO’s for purchases, and are authorized by their supervisors to do so, are candidates to obtain a purchasing card.


Yes. The application forms are available on Public Folders/Business Office/P-card Forms.

No.  This card may not be used as a debit card, nor can it be used for cash advances.

This card is most often used for small dollar purchases, amounts that are $1000 or less.  Typical items include approved business travel expenses, meals, dues/membership, subscriptions, and other miscellaneous supplies.

Sacred Heart University receives a monthly statement for the previous month’s transactions and has 15 days to pay the statement. Cardholders will review transactions in Works on a regular and frequent basis to review and allocate transactions as they occur.

Cardholders are required to keep all of their statements and receipts, filed by month and then by fiscal year at their location. Cardholders may obtain their statements on line. The Business Office will collect statements and receipts the time of an audit.

The appropriate departmental default account number will be assigned to the card during the application process.  The configuration will consist of the 2-digit Fund and the 5-digit Unit number.  The 4-digit Object code will be provided by the cardholder or their manager during the transaction review process.

Yes. Cardholders will have the ability to review each transaction in Works and update the object code to the one that most appropriately describes the item purchased.  Additionally, those users that have access to more than one department number will have the ability to update the entire account number to the one most appropriate to the transaction.

Yes.  Each transaction may be split multiple times, by dollar amount or by percentage.

The P-card administrator in the Purchasing Department will handle any changes.

The Purchasing department’s involvement is limited to establishing policy and procedures and periodic verification that the purchasing card program is a controlled process and is not being used to circumvent established purchasing policies or is contrary to sound business practices.  The P-card Administrator processes, maintains and administers the p-cards, the Works training application and reporting.  The Business Office processes the monthly statements for payment and performs all cardholder post transaction audits.

The new e-procurement system (SHU eBUY) will be used for most purchases.  The VISA p-card is now to be used for items that cannot be paid with a University check.

With the exception of certain limitations listed below, the VISA p-card functions just like any other credit card.  When you present the card to a supplier, the supplier will usually request authorization through the credit card network.  If the purchase falls within the card’s pre-established limits, you will receive the goods and be asked to sign for the purchase.  At this time, you should receive a detailed receipt identifying the items purchased.  Be sure to keep all receipts.

No. Sacred Heart University is tax exempt for goods and services. Many suppliers will require a CERT 119 tax exempt form. These forms may be obtained from Purchasing.

Yes. The supplier will ask for your card number and card expiration date. They may also ask you for the 3-digit security number located on the back of the card. Please be sure you remind the supplier not to keep your credit card on file. Make sure to record your transaction in your Transaction Log. Instruct the supplier to provide you with a detailed receipt that shows what was purchased and the total amount. These records could prove valuable for future potential issues with suppliers, and must be kept with the Transaction Log for audit purposes.

If you receive a damaged or incorrect item, please call the supplier immediately and document the problem with the item.  The supplier will typically replace the item or issue a credit.  If the supplier will not cooperate, you may contact the P-card Administrator who will log a dispute with Bank of America.  We do not have to pay these charges until such disputes are resolved.

Standard p-card limits are as follows:

  • Not to be used for gasoline on personal vehicles
  • Not to be used for personal purchases
  • Not to be used for 1099 reportable services
  • Not to be used for cash advances
  • Not to be used for capitalized items
  • Not to be used for vendors listed in e-procurement system (SHU eBUY)

Unique card restrictions or privileges may be provided on a per card basis as dictated by departmental need, and prior approval and authorization.