Students of SHU


See how you make every Pioneer's experience one to remember!

Brittany Smith '18 | Massachusetts

Sacred Heart University is like my second family. When I am miles away from my actual family I know that I can rely on my ice hockey teammates, club lacrosse teammates, and other close friends for support. SHU has created the best college experience I could have asked for with the perfect combination of athletics, education and social activities. Since I have 5 years old, I dreamed about scoring my first collegiate goal, and SHU made this dream come true. It is the perfect mix between a big and small university. As a student, SHU has facilitated my growth in communication and writing skills. I've also learned how to become a better leader, especially after being named captain of the women's ice hockey team. Lastly, SHU has fostered my independence by helping me learn how to solve problems and utilize resources.

Cody O'Brien '20 | Connecticut

For me, Sacred Heart University has changed my whole perspective immensely. It taught me to be open-minded and think outside the box. I came to Sacred Heart not only for the academics, but the various volunteer opportunities. My first year here I traveled to California with Habitat for Humanity and assisted members of the community whose homes had been effect by the wildfires. What makes Sacred Heart special is its dynamic learning environment, students and faculty/staff. SHU developed my personal growth and taught me to be true to myself.

Heena Damania '18 | Connecticut

Sacred Heart University has provided me with more than a hands on education. It has given me life long friendships, mentors, skills and opportunities that have shaped me and will stay with me for the rest of my life. Despite being a commuter student, Sacred Heart never made me feel different, here we are all just Pioneers. SHU goes above and beyond to develop confident, successful students. Thank you for your generosity and I am grateful to Sacred Heart for my education and the supportive and charitable environment that I was able to grow in.

Lauren Lyver '20 | Massachusetts

I have never been surrounded by so many positive, enthusiastic, like-minded people, but at Sacred Heart that type of person is everywhere. SHU is a close-knit, family-like community that prides its self on empowering yourself and your peers to always strive for better. I truly believe Sacred Heart is the reason I am the person I am today. I have transitioned from a young 18-year-old freshman into a confident young adult. I have learned more about myself, other people and cultures and have become more aware for others and their feelings. Because of your generosity I have and will continue to have the opportunity to learn and grow.

Melissa Kaniecki '18 | Connecticut

When you step onto campus, you cannot help but gain a sense of community and acceptance. Sacred Heart is a second home to me and provides a positive atmosphere for students, like myself to reach their highest potential and leave as a better person. Sacred Heart truly puts the students first, we have so many available both in and outside the classroom. I have expanded my horizons and gotten out of my comfort zone. I have gained so much confidence and passion because of the opportunities Sacred Heart has provided. 

Morgan Ford '19 | New York

The best part of Sacred Heart is you do not have to look hard or far to find your place, whether it is through athletics, clubs, volunteering, etc. you can always find something at appeals to you. For me, the place I found myself was through the Student Union working in Red's Pub and being apart of the Student Events Team. I have become a better communicator and a more open minded person. Sacred Heart has taught me responsibility -- to myself, my studies and to others and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities SHU has and will provide me. 

Nicholas Piselli '19 | Massachusetts

To me, Sacred Heart University means community. People learned so much from the experiences of others, and getting to know my fellow Pioneers helped me realize this is a fantastic and unique place that will forever be my home away from home. Sacred Heart University has also helped me grow as a person. As a leader on campus, I understand what it means to have responsibility and purpose. Your generosity has given me, along with thousands of Pioneers, a place where we can grow, prosper, and thrive. You helped lay down a foundation to start off my exciting future.

Rudy Favard '15 | Massachusetts

I have been blessed with so many memories and opportunities because of Sacred Heart. I was able to be apart of the charter class of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, play and win two conference football championships and be a founding member of the all male acapella group "SHUperman." Sacred Heart challenged me to strive better academically and with the support of the faculty, staff, and donors I was able to come to college and succeed. I will forever cherish the relationships and memories I made while at Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart is not just a university you attend, it is a university you experience. It shapes and molds you.

Steven Vollaro '20 | Connecticut

Sacred Heart University is a place I feel I can continue to foster into the person I envision myself becoming. The feeling of a close-knit family here on campus is demonstrated through professors, staff and students. Sacred Heart University has transformed me into a more responsible and active individual. I have become more social and outgoing. My favorite part of SHU is how willing the campus community is to make students successful and develop them not only as professionals, but as well rounded members of the community.