Dan Pascone '06, '12 MBA

Dan PasconeLife has a funny way of going full circle. For Dan Pascone (’06, ’12 MBA), Sacred Heart University has been impacting his life since his arrival on campus in 2002. SHU led him to positive experiences, life-changing relationships, and inspiring mentors, all of whom have shaped both his personal and professional lives.

Dan met his wife, Shannon (Martin) Pascone (’06, ’07 MAT), at Sacred Heart University. “My fondest memories of Sacred Heart are the people I met, the relationships I’ve built, and of course, meeting my wife. I still stay in touch with a lot of my core college friends.” Sacred Heart’s Career Fair provided Dan with the opportunity to land his first job at Prudential Financial. Nine years later, Dan is still with Prudential and has elevated to Divisional Vice President, National Sales Desk with Prudential Annuities. To complete the circle, Dan ensured that Prudential was present at this year’s Career Fair. “My organization will participate in the SHU Career Fair for the first time in several years. I hope to source talent from Sacred Heart University wherever I go in my career.”

For his master’s degree, Dan decided to return to Sacred Heart. “Anthony Macari was a huge reason why I decided to get my MBA at SHU. I still keep in touch with a number of my professors. I’ll email Josh Shuart to talk Yankees baseball or Professor Gerlach to get some stock tips. Mary Trefry was my advisor and I see her fairly regularly as well. I don’t think I’d be where I’m at today without the experience and knowledge I gained from the MBA program.”

Now a two-time SHU graduate, Dan is a member of the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors. When asked why he stays involved with his alma mater, Dan answered, “While pursuing my MBA, I was able to get a glimpse of all of the cool things happening at the University. I did a couple of projects where I learned a little bit about the development of the University and it was something that intrigued me. I thought the Alumni Board was a way I could give back to the University and network with other alums.” Dan is very thankful for all of his SHU experiences that have gone full circle: “Now with my endeavors with the University it gives me a sense of giving back, doing good, and a sense of accomplishment to be a small piece of this great organization that I have watched grow over the last ten years.”