St. Augustine of Hippo


St. Augustine of HippoAugustine was born in Tagaste (modern Souk Ahras, Algeria), Africa in 354 and died almost 76 years later in Hippo (modern Annaba, Algeria) on the Mediterranean coast, 60 miles away. He relentlessly searched the world for truth—he thought he had found it many times in various philosophies and ethical systems, but was disappointed until he discovered the Christian faith. A Christian at 33, a priest at 36 and a bishop at 41, St. Augustine is often remembered as a sinner-turned-saint. Classic writings, such as his Confessions and Retractions, reveal soulful insights into the life of one who passionately lived in this world while focusing on the next. He lived his life with intensity, whether his path led away from or toward God. His times were decadent and dangerous — politically, socially and morally. He answered his world with the zealous and honest gift of his heart, mind and life.