About the Program

What are the requirements to be a mentor?
Mentors are expected to make a minimum of a full year commitment, but are strongly encouraged to mentor for two years in order to strength the mentee/mentor relationship. As a mentor, one is expected to spend approximately 4 hours (2hrs. x 2 days) per week working with 2 students after school from 2:30-4:30pm. Furthermore, mentors should be in good academic standing (3.0 GPA) and have experience with working with children.

The job description of a mentor includes and is not limited to the following: providing tutorial assistance to his/her students, monitoring the academic progress of the students, attending training sessions on tutorial and mentoring skills, and participating in social/education activities. 
How are the AMP mentees chosen?
John Winthrop School was chosen as the site that Sacred Heart University will partner with to participate in the Academic Mentoring Program. Therefore, all of the mentees are chosen from that school. The participants are chosen when they are in the sixth grade by lottery.
How much do mentors get paid?
Mentors will be paid $10 per hour for attending the AMP sessions with their students, attending training session and participating in AMP activities that may be planned throughout the year.
What is a typical day at AMP?
Each AMP day is 2 hours long. The day is typical broken down in the following activities: Snack time (10min), recreation (20min), homework help (1 hour), customized Learning Activity (30 min). The Learning activity exercises are designed by the mentors and they are designed to reemphasize material that students are currently learning in the classroom. Typically, all AMP mentees that attended AMP on that particular day participate in the Learning Activity, unless an individual needs more time on his/her homework assignments.