Academic Mentoring Program

The Academic Mentoring Program (AMP), funded by the Zimmermann Foundation, is designed to encourage middle school students to Academic Mentoring Programmaintain academic success with the support and assistance of college students. Students are accepted into AMP as 6th graders and remain in the program until they graduate from the 8th grade. The intent is that students reach higher levels of achievement so they can eventually complete high school with a strong academic foundation. College students working as mentors provide young students with an exposure to the possibilities within learning and higher levels of education.

The Academic Mentoring Program at Sacred Heart University first began during the academic year of 2001/2002. During that year, 6th grade students at John Winthrop School began building an academic and social relationship with Sacred Heart University sophomores. The goal of the program is to pair two students with one mentor for what would be the beginning of a three-year commitment, on the part of both mentor and mentee.

What is the Jones-Zimmermann Model?
The Jones-Zimmermann model is based on the premise that college students are excellent role models for middle school students: close enough in age to establish a rapport and yet mature and focused in ways the younger students still struggle to achieve. The purpose of the Jones-Zimmermann Academic Mentoring model is to develop, implement, and evaluate a school-based academic mentor model, in partnership with local colleges and universities, which could serve as a model for urban school systems across the nation.
The overall objectives of the Jones-Zimmermann Academic Mentoring Project are as follows:
  • Encourage middle school students to aspire to higher education levels and to graduate from high school
  • Reduce high school “drop out” rates
  • Remediate competency in two foundational skill areas: language skills and mathematics quantitative skills
  • Build self-confidence and positive social values in tutored students
  • Develop an appreciation among college students for the teaching profession