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Partnership Opportunities

The Office of Volunteer Programs & Service Learning is happy to partner with organizations to meet the needs of our surrounding community. Historically, we have been involved with organizations that serve a variety of community needs including elderly support, student mentoring and food bank and soup kitchen staffing. Our volunteers are also student leaders and, in many cases, initiate and run our volunteer partnerships on a day-to-day basis. Our talented staff provide administrative support to our student leaders who are out in the community. 

What We Can Support

The Office of Volunteer Programs and Service Learning aims to connect SHU faculty and students to community-based opportunities. We do this in many ways through thoughtful assessment and communication. Our resources are limited, including transportation, funding and student participation. Programs and projects that are sustainable take into account the expectations of their organization with that of SHU faculty and students. It is important to note that the Office of Volunteer Programs and Service Learning is not a rapid response unit. If immediate assistance is required please reach out to the local authorities to know which organizations are coordinating support as a response to need.

Submitting a Request

The most efficient way to have your request for partnership considered is to complete the form below. A member of the Office of Volunteer Programs & Service Learning staff will contact you regarding your request.

Partner with Us