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Community Connections Volunteer GardeningCommunity Connections is a pre-fall orientation program that introduces incoming freshmen to service opportunities in the surrounding community and increases their understanding of urban issues.

The program places forty to sixty incoming freshman at two church sites in the city of Bridgeport. There, they are delegated to work on various projects at various sites throughout the city. The week-long program takes place before the start of fall classes.

Applicants to the University are informed about Community Connections through various open houses and information sessions on campus. Interested students can apply online in the late spring. Once selected the applicant is notified via email.

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Community Connections volunteer cleaningCommunity Connections provides a great way to meet other students with similar interests and to learn more about the University.

The program does not require any specific experience, but a positive attitude, a willingness to work together, an open mind and a good sense of humor are important.

Each day the students engage in multiple service projects such as:

  • Soup Kitchens
  • Working with Children
  • Beautification Projects

Each evening students return to their church site to cook, participate in some group activities and relax together. Some evening activities include cultural activities in the community.

Community Connections provides students with an opportunity to explore urban issues such as poverty, immigration, racism, and changing economic conditions first-hand. These issues, as well as concepts of service and social justice, are topics discussed with faculty, staff, students, and community leaders throughout the week.

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