Annual Presidential Seminar

Catholic Intellectual Tradition


The Presidential Seminar has two phases:

  • The first is a concentrated eight day immersion program of study on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. The immersion program begins in May and will meet from 9:00am to 1:00pm each day. Dr. John Petillo will join us for lunch on one of those days.
  • The second phase is four all day workshops scheduled during the course of the academic year to continue to deepen the study that began in May and to explore the pedagogical and research issues that emerge during the seminar.

Participants are expected to be active members of the seminar for the whole year and produce a tangible outcome connected to the Catholic Intellectual Tradition as a result of the seminar. Such outcomes include a publishable paper or a new course that the professor would teach. A final meeting for presentations of projects has been scheduled in September. Faculty members who have participated in the Presidential Seminar will be invited to ongoing programs and conversations in the years to come as a way to strengthen and deepen insights resulting from the seminar. 

Faculty members who are accepted will receive a $5,000 grant for their participation in the Seminar and completion of their projects.

To apply for the program:
Complete the Presidential Seminar Application‌ and return it to the Office of Mission & Catholic Identity.

Previous Participants

Jesse Bailey, Michael Barbour, Kirk Bartholomew, Audrey Beauvais, Mark Beekey, Lori Bindig, Wendy Bjerke, Jody Bortone, Colleen Butler-Sweet, Jeff Cain, Patricia Carl-Stannard, Michael Carriger, Valerie Christian, Patricia Conti, Bronwyn Cross-Denny, Tom Curran, Nancy DelVecchio, Lesley DeNardis, Sue Deschenes, Eleni Diakogeorgiou, Clotilde Dudley-Smith, Kwamie Dunbar, Ono Ekeh, Cara Erdheim, Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta, Gavin Ferriby, Michael Giarratano, Charlotte Gradie, Tanya Grant, June-Ann Greeley, Beau Greer, Andra Gumbus, Dhia Habboush, Marie Hulme, Mark Jareb, Alka Jauhari, Matthew Kaye, Jacqueline Kelleher, Christopher Kelly, Stephane Kirven, Kenneth Knies, Andrew Lazowski, Nathan Lewis, Michelle Loris, Bridget Lyons, Richard Magee, Khawaja Mamun, Christel Manning, Robin McAllister, James McCabe, Sharon McCloskey, Enda McGovern, Jennifer McLaughlin, Dawn Melzer, Steven Michels, John Michniewicz, Anca Micu, Andrew Miller, Kerry Milner, Jason Molitierno, Amanda Moras, Patrick Morris, Joseph Nagy, Rupendra Paliwal, Edward Papa, Rhea Paul, Andrew Pierce, Barbara Pierce, Anna Price, Gordon Purves, Gerald Reid, John Roney, Sally Ross, Nicole Roy, Gail Samdperil, Eric Scibek, Cima Sedigh, Daniel Shim, Joshua Shuart, LaTina Steele, Brian Stiltner, Geffrey Stopper, Thomas Terleph, Michael Ventimiglia, Greg Viggiano, Valerie Wherley, Deirdre Yeater, Sandra Young, Jonas Zdanys

Presidential Seminar Team

  • Michael W. Higgins, Distinguished Professor of Catholic Thought
  • Larry Carroll, Executive Director for Mission and Catholic Identity
  • Ami Neville, Administrative Assistant for Mission and Catholic Identity

Presidential Seminar 5/24/18