Chapel Mosaic Artists

Manuela Viezzoli was born in Trieste in 1965. In 1989, she finished studies within the Faculty of Law in Trieste and in 1995 earned a license in Eastern Theology at the Pontifical Oriental Institute. She studied art at the Atelier Centro Aletti, where she has been from its outset. She animates the Centro Aletti and serves as an assistant to Father Marko Rupnik, who is responsible for the center. 


Maria Stella Secchiaroli was born in Orciano of Pesaro-Urbino in 1961. She studied graphic art and for years was a student of one of the greatest Russian iconographers, Monaco Zinon, of Pskov. She has worked at the Centro Aletti, particularly as an assistant in the design and implementation of drawings. She is part of the Centro Aletti.