Honors LLC

The Thomas More Honors Program is home to many of Sacred Heart’s brightest and most committed students. Our mission is to serve as leaders in the intellectual, cultural, and spiritual life of the University. First and second year honors students build a strong and dynamic residential community that collaborates with honors faculty to develop innovative learning experiences outside of the classroom. Through workshops, discussions, unique courses, cultural events, trips, socials and service projects, our students learn how to integrate a deep passion for learning within the greater context of their lives at the University. In the end, our students develop into strong leaders in the life of our campus, and serve as able teachers who foster intellectual curiosity in their peers.

Through participation in the LLC, students will be able to:

  • integrate the intellectual, professional, social, service, personal, and spiritual dimensions of their lives, using Thomas More as an example
  • extend classroom learning in creative and intellectually stimulating ways outside of the classroom
  • apply classroom learning to service and cultural activities in the local community
  • develop and execute helpful educational activities or events for members of the SHU and local communities
  • showcase their work in public venues 

Housing Information

Honors students who are incoming freshmen are automatically enrolled in the Honors LLC. Freshmen in the Honors LLC are housed in Roncalli Hall.

More Information

For more information on the Honors LLC, contact:

Kenneth Knies
Director of the Thomas More Honors LLC
Tel: 203-371-7806

For more information on housing, contact:

Joel Quintong
Director of Residential Life
Tel: 203-416-3417