Gaming & Technology LLC

The Gaming & Technology LLC is an intellectually focused collection of SHU students who are dedicated to asking philosophical, social, and technical questions about how they live their lives and about what it means to be a technologically advanced (or advancing) person and society. The Gaming & Technology Living and Learning Community builds on Sacred Heart University’s focus on multidisciplinary learning by providing a year-long residential experiences for which students earn academic credit.

As part of this community students will live with others who share their interest in gaming and technology, have opportunities for personal, academic, and occupational development through their residence halls, and connect with faculty who can help students pursue their curiosity about gaming and technology.

This LLC has three main foci: games, technology, and game theory. Students will engage with each other and with professors in a wide range of discussions and events centered around these three topics. For instance:

  • Games
    What is a game? Is there an essence that all games share, or just a loose and ill-defined categorization of activities? Are games – computer, video, board, card, tabletop, etc. – capable of being art? Are they already an art form? When playing games online, do we have a right to anonymity? Does the gaming community have an obligation to protect historically marginalized subsets of the gaming community, such as women and minorities, from harassment, or is “smack talk” just another part of the game?

  • Technology
    Many of the classic definitions of what it means to be human makes reference to tool creation and use. In what ways do the tools we use define us? Do technological breakthroughs alter what it means to be human? Are there tools that we ought not to develop, or applications of tools that ought not to be used, because of how they would alter the state of our being? How has the increased interconnectedness that technology has allowed us changed what it means to be a part of the human race? How as the accompanying globalization altered our obligations as consumers?

  • Game Theory
    For centuries, games like chess and go have been valued as means of teaching careful planning, strategic thinking, and rationality more broadly. In general, what does it mean to think or behave rationally or strategically? What can the use of games to investigate rational processes tell us about fields as wide ranging as economics, evolutionary biology, international politics, and artificial intelligence? What presuppositions go into these inquiries and investigations, and how realistically do they model behavior?

Through participation in this LLC, students will learn to:

  • Become reflective of the ethics of gaming and what special obligations game developers may have to the rest of society
  • Identify the moral ramifications of living in an increasingly connected and digital world
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation for questions about strategy and rationality, including how they relate to the creation and assessment of games
  • Investigate how the popularity of gaming and other technologies has affected what it means to be human
  • Become advocates for responsible use of technology and responsible membership in the gaming community

The ideal student for this LLC is one who:

  • Is interested in exploring these issues in a community of peers who share their interests and curiosity.
  • Wants to improve their ability to think and act strategically.
  • Has a passion for gaming and technology and a desire to critically reflect on it.

This LLC is open to students of all majors who will be freshmen. Rising sophomores can apply to be LLC mentors for the Gaming & Technology LLC. Please email one of the leaders below if you are interested in the sophomore mentoring experience. The freshmen LLC is particularly well-suited for students who are intellectually curious, technologically informed, and enjoy games of one kind or another. In particular, students who are looking to think critically and communally about how gaming and technology impact society and affect our humanity are ideal candidates for the LLC.

How to Apply

Complete the online application by June 21, 2018. Students must also do the University Housing Application at We are looking for students who are enthusiastic and excited to join the LLC program.

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More Information

For more information on the Gaming & Technology LLC, contact:

Gordon Purves, Ph.D.
David Luesink, Ph.D. 

For more information on housing, contact:

Joel Quintong
Director of Residential Life
Tel: 203-416-3417