Community & Justice LLC

Community & Justice LLC Farm StandThe Community & Justice Living and Learning Community is a service learning focused collection of SHU students who are dedicated to being a positive force for social justice and equality. The Community & Justice Living and Learning Community builds on Sacred Heart University’s commitment to service by providing a year-long residential experience for which students earn academic credit.
Working closely with faculty, community leaders and other students, this program is committed to helping students proactively understand and address issues of inequality and social justice within the local Bridgeport community, as well as in communities that reach beyond our borders. Central to the principle aim of the Community & Justice Living and Learning Community is to provide space where SHU students are able to support each other as they engage disenfranchised communities through service learning, critical reflection, and scholarly inquiry.
As part of this community students will live with others who share their interest in social justice, have opportunities for personal, academic, and occupational development through their residence halls, and connect with faculty and local community members who can help students develop their interests in advocacy.
Through participation in this LLC, students will learn to:

  • ‌‌Connect individual experiences to larger systems of social justice,
  • Identify systems of inequality in society and their consequences,
  • Make connections between experiences of marginalization in local and global communities,
  • Identify major social justice challenges in local communities and,
  • Be a successful advocate for social change.

Community & Justice LLC Yard WorkThe ideal student for this LLC is one who:

  • Has a strong interest in social justice and community service
  • Is interested in fostering this interest through a living community
  • Wants to build relationships with faculty outside of the classroom

This LLC is open to students of all majors who are freshman or sophomores. It is particularly well suited to students looking to enter a profession in social work, non-profits, community organizing, law and education. You will have opportunities to meet with professionals in these fields and build your resume through service in these fields.

How to Apply

Complete the online application by June 21, 2018. Students must also do the University Housing Application at We are looking for students who are enthusiastic and excited to join the LLC program.

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More Information

For more information on the Community & Justice LLC, contact:

Ono Ekeh, Ph.D.
Religious Studies
Lisa Smith, Psy.D.

For more information on housing, contact:

Joel Quintong
Director of Residential Life
Tel: 203-416-3417