Student Union Employment

The Student Union Office employs over 100 students. The students work in the Campus Concierge, Red’s and as Student Union Managers.


Here are some testimonials of employees and why you should apply for a position:

Amy Ricotta

"I can say that working in the Student Union has shaped me into more of a leader. I feel that my position in the Student Union office and Red’s has given me more confidence as a worker. I am thankful for the skills this job has given me that I can now carry through the rest of my working career. I am also thankful for the connections I made with my coworkers; it is a great feeling to have team members who have my back. Being a Student Union Manager has helped me grow in many different ways, and for that, I am thankful!" – Amy Ricotta ’19, Student Union Manager (Employee of the Year 2016-2017)

"I love working for the Student Union because it has instilled the necessary organizational, communication, and professional skills that I need to succeed and has provided a fun and innovative work environment. Through this experience, I have made a lot of new friends and have been able to help the students of Sacred Heart University make the best out of their time here." – Whitney Bibens ’19, Student Union Office Area Manager

Savanah O’Donnell

"Working in the Student Union for the past four years has allowed me to grow as an individual by giving me a leadership role, which has taught me to be a hard worker and coworker. Holding a leadership position on campus has improved my business and interpersonal skills through working in the office and Red's. The Student Union has shaped me into the person I am today and has taught me the values of Sacred Heart University that I will bring with me in my future." – Savanah O’Donnell ’19, Student Union Red’s Pub Area Manager

“Being a part of Student Union has been such a rewarding experience for the past two and half years. It has shaped into a better worker and coworker because of the constant support from this amazing staff. I have developed great leadership skills and strong responsibility through the Student Union. We are one big family with welcoming arms, and I am grateful for this organization every day!” – Danielle Mascia ’19, Campus Concierge Assistant

Danielle Bertolini

“Working in the Student Union has given me the opportunity to grow and develop into a hard-working adult. Working in the Campus Concierge has taught me many skills that are important to have in the professional world such as punctuality, financial responsibility, and strong communication. This job has allowed me to collaborate with my fellow peers, as well as embraced my role in the Sacred Heart community.” – Danielle Bertolini ’19, Campus Concierge Assistant


"I like working for the Student Union because it has taught me professionalism and it teaches you accountability, which will prepare me for future endeavors. The environment is fun because I love that I am surrounded by my peers and making connections with resourceful people." – Brianna Minie ’21, Campus Concierge Assistant

“Working in the Student Union has been a great experience. Not only have I met so many people, but I’ve also been able to help out my university in another small aspect. Everyone is nice and great to work with, and we enjoy meeting new people who come for our help. While working here, I’ve learned a lot more about Sacred Heart and am truly enjoying this opportunity.” – Alexandria Barker ’21, Campus Concierge Assistant

John Sullivan

"Working for the Student Union has given me the opportunity to make friends and have connections to my future. I would have never thought I could meet many people that I have without the Student Union. The experience has shaped me into a better student and person." – John Sullivan ’19, Red’s Server

“Red’s is an amazing place to meet new people and bond with classmates and professors. The warm and inviting atmosphere makes it a place where “everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.” As being a server, it has given me so many valuable opportunities to develop a great work ethic and met so many amazing people. I have made many long-lasting friendships with patrons and co-workers. My co-workers are not just my team but my family and brighten my day. It has all been such an amazing experience, and I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity in my college career. The Student Union has given me so much, and I will be forever grateful. – Kaylin Huey ’19, Red’s Server

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