Laundry Services

On-Campus Self-Service Laundry Facilities

Each semester all students living in on-campus housing will be issued 65 Laundry Credits as part of their room/board.  The credits are stored on your student ID card. Laundry credits are the only way to use the machines in your residence hall. One wash cycle costs one credit and one dryer cycle costs one credit. 

The 65 credits issued each semester will allow you to do two complete loads of wash each week. If you find that this will not meet your needs for the semester you may purchase additional credits at the Student Union.

  • $10.00 = 10 credits or 5 complete loads
  • $20.00 = 20 credits or 10 complete loads

Please note that credits do not carry over from semester to semester so please only purchase what you will use before the end of the current term. If you live in an off-campus residence facility you will have access to coin-operated machines only.

If you have any questions about the washer and dryer system, please contact Mike Moylan at 203-365-7663 or see How to Use the Washer & Dryers.

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