Good Samaritan Policy

The overall health and safety of our students is of paramount concern to all members of Sacred Heart University. All community members are expected to act out of concern for themselves and others. Recognizing that there are times when students of the community find themselves in positions where medical assistance is needed to ensure the proper care of a person, the University has established this Good Samaritan Policy.

Sacred Heart University wishes to ensure that students at medical risk as a result of alcohol use will receive prompt and appropriate medical attention. Members of the Sacred Heart University community specifically students have an ethical responsibility to contact a Residence Life staff member or the Department of Public Safety when they believe that assistance for an intoxicated student is needed.

Students that seek assistance from these sources and the individual(s) assisted, should not fear disciplinary action should they seek help for a friend who has had too much to drink. Instead, under the guidelines of this policy, these violations will be dealt with through health and safety education initiatives instead of disciplinary action with respect to the alcohol policy. Students will be considered for a one time acceptance under the guidelines of the policy through a review of the sequence of events that occurred during their incident.

The Office of Residential Life and Public Safety will record the name(s) of intoxicated student(s) and any other information that may enable any follow-up deemed necessary to ensure students’ overall well-being. In order for this policy to apply, the intoxicated student(s) must agree to meet with the Assistant Dean for Student Conduct & Community Standards or a Residential Life Staff member to discuss the incident and understand the guidelines, process, and expectations. The student(s) will also agree to a timely completion of all the suggested educational and intervention recommendations.

Students who fail to complete any of the requirements assigned will be subject to action under the Student Conduct Code for failure to complete those initiatives. Furthermore, community members who demonstrate a consistent and repeated pattern of behavior after appropriate intervention and education from the University will not be considered under this policy.

This policy does not preclude the University from taking disciplinary action regarding other violations of the Student Conduct Code. Students should also be aware that this University policy does not prevent action by local, state and federal authorities.

The spirit of the Good Samaritan is that there is an ethical responsibility to help people in need and this policy is designed to save lives. It is an expectation that our students will take active steps to protect the health and safety and well-being of the community and one another.