Filing a Report

Online Submission Forms

General Student Misconduct
This form is for anyone looking to submit a complaint of general violations of the University's Code of Student Conduct (examples include: alcohol, controlled substances, theft, harassment, etc.). Questions regarding the submission of reports involving student misconduct both on and off-campus can be directed to Channing Vidal at 203-416-3421 or

Gender-based Discrimination/Sexual Misconduct
This form is for anyone looking to submit a complaint of gender-based discrimination, including sexual misconduct of any kind. Questions regarding the submission of a complaint can be directed to Leonora Campbell, Title IX Coordinator, at 203-396-8386 or

Sexual Misconduct

Sacred Heart University is firmly committed to maintaining a learning, living, and working environment for the University community free of sexual misconduct. The Sexual Misconduct Policy describes the University's policy toward sexual misconduct of any kind including sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating/relationship violence (intimate partner), domestic violence, stalking, and zero tolerance towards any sexual violence. It also provides guidance for those who have been involved in an incident of sexual misconduct, outlines the University's disciplinary response to alleged incidents, and identifies campus  and community resources within the University responsible for managing the policy and programs associated with it. Sacred Heart University's policy is intended to comply with relevant state and federal statutes and it applies to faculty, staff and students. Members of the University community may find the entire Sexual Misconduct Policy and grievance procedures in the University Student Handbook. Students who are seeking information about reporting options and various resources can find a comprehensive guide in the SHU Sexual Misconduct Student Resources & Referral Options Additionally, the University encourages those with questions/concerns about filing a report to reach out the University's Title IX Coordinator, Leonora P. Campbell, whose contact information is listed below:

Leonora P. Campbell

Title IX & Sexual Misconduct Guide for Faculty/Staff

Public Safety

‌The Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards works very closely with the Office of Public Safety. As a means for students and members of the University community to become more familiar and see the Office of Public Safety as a resource, please read the mission of the office and click on the link for additional resources and information.

The Department of Public Safety is entrusted with fostering and maintaining a safe and secure environment for the University community to pursue their academic, professional and personal ambitions. Dedicated to supporting the educational mission of the University, we value experiential learning and emphasize conflict resolution in all our interactions with students. Committed to serving with professional excellence, we strive to be approachable, reliable and truly service-oriented in the performance of our duties. The department maintains strong, professional relationships with municipal police, fire and health responders to ensure continuous collaboration on emergency planning efforts and familiarity with our campus in the event of an emergency.

Silent Witness Program

The Silent Witness Program is a computer portal on the Public Safety website which provides ‎a campus wide communication method for anyone to provide “anonymous information” by reporting matters of improper conduct, behavioral anti-social acts and general safety or security concerns. You may also report a concern regarding a possible missing student. The web-based portal will serve to help prevent violence on campus by addressing the needs of persons who may be at risk of harming themselves or others. We all know that university communities are not immune to acts of tragedy and violence. However, in many cases members of campus communities later realized that observations had gone unreported. Our goal is to provide the method for observations to be reported, investigated and assistance given to help prevent violence on campus.

The Silent Witness Program is established to bring information of concern to the attention of University officials for analysis, which serves to heighten “situational awareness” and our ability to gain knowledge in a timely manner regarding security or safety matters that could impact our campus community.