Smoke-Free Initiative

Sacred Heart’s University’s Smoke-Free initiative is part of broader institutional efforts to maintain a campus culture of mutual respect, wellness and sustainability and seeks to provide a safe, clean environment while promoting the health of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. 

In addition to the implementation of the Smoke-Free Policy, the University’s Smoke-Free Initiative will include smoking cessation programs offered to both students (via the Wellness Center) and employees (via the Office of Human Resources) as well as the prohibition of the sale of tobacco products on campus.

In addition to facilitating the right of individuals to breathe clean air while learning, living and working on campus there are several benefits which will be achieved by the Smoke-Free Initiative and the adoption of the Smoke-Free Campus Policy.
·         Student, employee and visitor exposure to secondhand smoke, which is a known human carcinogen, will be severely reduced. Per the EPA, there is no safe exposure level to secondhand smoke.
·         While the policy does not judge or exclude smokers, but rather asks them to not use tobacco where it can impact others, increased awareness of the risks and the availability of cessation programs may lead to lower smoking rates among employees and students which would lower their health risks.
·         The amount of smoking-related litter on campus will be significantly reduced, which will allow the resources and staff time spent on cleaningup cigarette butts, emptying ashtrays and handling complaints to be redirected.
·         The risk of fires caused by cigarettes dropped in planting areas and trash bins will be decreased.
·         The University is preparing its graduates for the smoke-free workplaces they will likely encounter after graduation.

In order to provide a safe, clean environment and promote the health of our students, faculty, staff and visitors, the Sacred Heart University campus is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is defined as the burning oftobacco or any other material in any type of smoking equipment, including, but not restricted to cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookahs.
Smoking is prohibited indoors in all Sacred Heart University-owned or leased facilities and outdoors  on the grounds of any University-owned or leased property, with the exception of several outdoor designated smoking areas which are located at a safe distance from University buildings (see list below) and inside privately owned, closed vehicles. Smoke-free areas include all buildings owned, leased or controlled by Sacred Heart University, indoor and outdoor athletic facilities, walkways, sidewalks, residence halls and parking lots. Smoking is prohibited on sidewalks that adjoin University property. Smoking is also prohibited in any vehicle or equipment owned, leased or operated by Sacred Heart University. 
Littering of smoking-related products and tampering with or moving receptacles in designated smoking areas are prohibited.
The sale, distribution, sampling or advertisement of all tobacco products is prohibited on the campus.
Designated Smoking Areas
Please click here for maps of the designated smoking areas which include areas near Scholars Commons, Seton and Merton Halls, Christian Witness Commons, South Parking Lot, Roncalli Hall, the Oakview building and the Cambridgebuilding.
Enforcement and Violations
All members of theSHU community share a responsibility for reinforcing the policy with visitors as well as with their fellow students and employees, who shouldbe politely reminded that smoking is limited to designated areas on campus. Public Safety will advise individuals who are not in compliance with the University’s smoking policy of the designated areas.
SHU reserves the right to initiate progressive disciplinary process against any individual found to be in violation of this policy. Disciplinary actionsmay include: verbal counseling and education about the effects of secondhand smoke; written warnings; a monetary fine; or other appropriate disciplinary actions in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and the Human Resources Employee Handbook for faculty and staff.
Visitors who continue to violate the policy following a warning will be escorted off campus.
Organizers of public events on campus are responsible for communicating this policy toattendees, and organizations renting University space will acknowledge awareness of this policy in writing at the time of the rental agreement.
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Smoking Cessation Assistance Information on cessation program may be found
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