Terms & Conditions

The Card
You must present your own SHUCardin order to purchase products or services. The SHUCard can be used at all participating locations on and off campus. The SHUCardis the property of Sacred Heart University and is non-transferable. The SHUCard may be deactivated and retained by a Sacred Heart University official when presented by any Cardholdermaking inappropriate or illegal use of it. Misuse, alteration or destruction of the SHUCardmay result in disciplinary action. Restitution is required for overdrafts on any account resulting from off line transactions. No interest or other earnings will be paid to the Cardholder or credited by Sacred Heart University.

Under FERPA regulations, photo images on the SHUCard may be used by school officials with legitimate educational interests and by others as indicated.

SHU Cash

Enables you to use your SHUCard at all participating debit locations on and off campus. Dollars on this account are deposited at your discretion. Once the account is opened, any balance on the account will carry over from semester to semester as long as you are actively affiliated with Sacred Heart University. When you graduate, withdraw or terminate employment, the balance on your account will be refunded to you upon request less an administrative fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00). No refunds will be made prior to graduation, withdrawal and/or employment termination. Please note if a card holder has an outstanding balance with the University, the SHUCash dollars will be applied to the account. Any remaining balance will be refunded to the card holder upon request. Sacred Heart University reserves the right to close any account that is inactive for twelve (12) months or more and all balances will be forfeited. Print the Refund Request Form. No funds may be transferred from SHUCash to the Required Meal Plan or vice versa. No funds may be transferred from one cardholder's SHUCash account to another cardholder's SHUCash account.

Laundry Account

The laundry account is a prepaid account provided to all students living in equipped University housing. Each student living in an equipped campus residence hall, is provided with 65 washer or dryer cycles per semester. These cycles are not transferable to future academic semesters or years. If a student expends all of their laundry cycles prior to the end of the semester, the laundry system will automatically debit the student's SHUCash account provided funds are available.

Required Meal Plan

Resident students who live in a residence hall must enrolled in the required meal plan. A predetermined amount of food dollars is automatically put on this account each semester and can only be used at on-campus dining locations. Only $300.00 unused meal plan dollars will be carried over for use in the spring semester. Unused food dollars in the student's declining balance account at the end of the fall semester are non-refundable. There is no carry-over between academic years, nor may the unused balance from the fall semester be used to reduce the room and board portion of the spring semester's invoice. The Required Meal Plan will be cleared from students' accounts at the end of the spring semester. No funds may be transferred from the Required Meal Plan to SHUCash or vice versa.

Receipts and Statements

Most point-of-sale terminals are equipped to provide a receipt for each transaction. It is your responsibility to ensure that the receipt is correct. An account statement listing recent transactions will be generated upon your personal request at the SHUCash Office or online at blackboard.sacredheart.edu.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

You agree to immediately report a lost or stolen SHUCard in person at the SHUCard Office Monday - Thursday, 8AM to 4PM.  When the SHUCard Office is closed you can go to blackboard.sacredheart.edu 24 hours a day or to the Public Safety Office during normal operating hours where an officer will report your card as lost. Cardholder is responsible for any loss due to lost or stolen cards.  Once a new SHUCard has been purchased, the old SHUCard will be invalid and, if found, cannot be reactivated.  You must come to the SHUCard Office during business hours to obtain a new SHUCard.  We will charge the current fee for replacing lost, stolen or damaged cards.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.