For Parents

You'll like the SHUCard because it's easy, convenient, it makes good financial sense, and it keeps you connected to your child's Sacred Heart 
University experience.
With the SHUCard you can:   
  • Accurately budget to meet your child's estimated expenses
  • Set up a deposit schedule to better manage your and your child's money
  • Feel comfortable knowing that your child can only spend locally on and off campus
  • Know precisely where your money is going
  • Stay connected to your child by following the latest campus happenings
  • Depositing into SHUCash is easy - Deposit Today!
  • Questions? Contact us by phone at 203-371-7913 or send an email to

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Rehearsal for LT Musical
Feb 27, 2015 CS670 Presentations
Kappa Delta ShamROCK the Runway Ticket Sales
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