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Frequently Asked Questions

Log on to Blackboard and deactivate your account or call 203-371-7913. By reporting your card lost or stolen it will be deactivated, and your account(s) are suspended preventing unauthorized use. The cardholder is responsible for all use prior to the card has been reported. All cards reported lost or stolen will require the cardholder to come to the Student Union Campus Concierge to have a new card reissued or a found card to be reinstated.

Bring the damaged card to Campus Concierge, and we will replace it for free. A reminder that lost and stolen cards are subject to our standard replacement rates that are currently $25 per occurrence.

  • Do not expose your card to any magnetic devices. 
  • Keep your card in a safe carrying sleeve.
  • Do not punch holes in your card.
  • Do not give yourSHUCard to anyone else.
    • Campus offices are not allowed to hold your card as collateral.
  • Do not tamper with any information on your card.

Bring your card to Student Union Campus Concierge in the Main Academic Building, and we will reprint the new card with a new name, classification or student ID number for free. Proper documentation is usually required for all name and account changes.

No. Your card is valid as long as you continue to be a student or employee of Sacred Heart University. If you leave the University for 12 months or more, you may need to have a new card issued.

The card is an official verification of eligibility for many student privileges, including access to the Pitt Center, housing dining centers, certain athletic events, checking out library books, printing and riding the shuttles for free. You can also use your card to purchase items from the bookstore and  participating merchants.

The easiest way to make a SHUCash deposit is online at SHUcard Management Site You will need a credit card and the card number you want to deposit funds into, or you can make a deposit in person at the PHIL machine adjacent to ATM and Student Union Office.

Yes, the card may be obtained at Student Union Campus Concierge. Office hours are 10 am to 11pm 7 days a week for card issuance.

Simply visit the PHIL machine adjacent to the ATM in the main Academic Building.

Bring the damaged card to Student Union Campus Concierge, and we will replace it for free.