Resident Success Assistant Application Process

Fall 2018 RSA Selection Process Information

Read through the following information as you start your application. As you continue through the process please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Residential Life at 203-416-3417 if you have any questions.

The process begins in mid-January and concludes with position offerings just before Spring Break. There is an in-person interview, as well as a group process interview. Please read the RSA Job Description before applying to gage your ability to complete the job tasks and make the appropriate time commitment.  

RSA Job Description 2018-19

Student Staff Application Informational Sessions

All applicants are encouraged to attend one session to review the selection process, minimum requirements to apply, the job description, and the compensation for this position. Locations are subject to change due to weather, please check back for any potential changes. If you were not able to attend any of the sessions, contact the Office of Residential Life at 203-416-3417.

Requirements to Apply

  • You must have a 2.6 grade point average both cumulatively, and for the semester prior to employment. Applicants under the grade point average requirement can appeal to the Assistant Director of Residential Life to go through the process, but if allowed cannot be hired until the grade point average requirement is met.
  • You must be a full time undergraduate student at Sacred Heart University.
  • You must be eligible for campus housing to be a student staff member. All students are granted four years of undergraduate housing. As long as you will be within the four allotted years while working as a student staff member, you may be granted a student staff position.
  • You must not have open/active conduct sanctions with a conduct hearing officer at Sacred Heart University. You may still apply for a residential life student staff member position if you have been found responsible for something in the past. However, you may not be on any type of disciplinary probation with any judicial officer at the University at the time of employment. Your judicial history will be reviewed and your candidacy for employment will be determined by the Office of Residential Life during the selection period.
  • Student staff members who are receiving tuition benefits by way of parents through the Sacred Heart tuition remission program or the Sacred Heart Notre Dame Partnership or Tuition Exchange are not eligible to receive monetary compensation for the RSA position.


Aside from the priceless leadership experience you will gain from being a student staff member at Sacred Heart University, you will be awarded a base stipend of $4,050 in the form of a financial aid package. The actual amount may increase based on the location of your appointment for the 2018-2019 academic year. Actual stipend amounts will be shared prior to the start of your appointment. In addition, all student staff members receive departmental apparel to be worn during official residential life functions and responsibilities.


Steps to Apply


Here is a very brief overview of the application process that each candidate needs to complete. For additional information, be sure to attend one of the informational sessions posted above, or contact the Office of Residential Life.

  1. Fill out the online applicationDUE TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2018 at NOON

  2. Reference Forms (2): The reference form is available online. You must have two reference forms submitted. One must be a SHU affiliated faculty or staff member or a current RSA. The other reference should be someone who knows you in a supervisory or advisory role. Parents, close family members and RHDs may not fill out the reference forms. All reference forms must be returned to the Office of Residential Life by Friday February 16, 2018.
  3. Individual Interviews - Friday February 16, 2018: Lasting roughly 30 minutes, your individual interview will be with a member of the Office of Residential Life Staff. You will be invited to schedule your interview on Friday February 9th via email. Note: Interviews will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis in and you must be signed up by noon on Wednesday February 13, 2018. Remember to bring your completed Programming Idea Worksheet, Time Commitment worksheet, and your Resume. .
    • Time Commitment Worksheet: Fill out this form and bring it with you to your interview
    • Resume: You will need to provide a paper copy of your current resume. Please include at least your last 2 employers (if applicable) and what kind of work you have done in the past. Please also list any community service, volunteering, or special achievements you have received. The resume is due at the time of your interview. Please use the Career Development & Placement Center for help making a resume.
    • Program Idea: Complete the RSA Program Planner and bring it with you to your interview. Be expected to answer questions about your program.

  4. Group Process Day - Saturday, February 17, 2018 from 8:30AM to 4PM in the University Commons Auditorium. This portion of the RSA application process is a group activity day. Please dress comfortably (jeans are acceptable). You will be partaking in a number of exercises to explore how you work with others in a variety of settings.

Hiring Process

Here is a very brief overview of the hiring process for the Resident Success Assistant position. For additional information, be sure to attend one of the informational sessions posted above, or contact the Office of Residential Life.

  1. Application and Initial Review: When you submit your completed application to the Residence Life office, our staff will review your application. After our initial review of your application, we will invite qualified candidates to participate in Individual Interviews and our Group Process Day.

  2. Individual Interviews & Group Process Day: Candidates will be asked questions to assess their qualifications to be a successful RSA. Additionally candidates will perform tasks individually and in groups to assess their abilities to be a successful RSA.

  3. Notification Letters: After both the Group Process and Interview Interviews, we will extend offers to candidates for RSA positions. We will also extend offers for our "Alternate" pool. "Alternate" status means that you are in our process as a candidate who is eligible for hire. "Alternates are eligible to be hired for any open positions until September 30, 2018. Every year we go to this pool to fill additional openings as they arise. Letters notifying your status as a student staff member will be sent out via email to all applicants by Thursday, March 1, 2018.

RSA Application