Scholars Commons


Scholars CommonsLocated on Northwest edge of campus, Scholars Commons consists of four buildings: Augustine Hall, Thomas Aquinas Hall, Theresa of Avila Hall and John Henry Newman Hall. Each building consists of ten apartments, housing 300 sophomore students in total, staffed by 8 student Resident Success Assistants and 1 Professional Residence Hall Director. Scholars Commons is conveniently located next to the Campus Field, JP's Diner and the William H. Pitt Recreational Center, allowing continual access to campus while achieving a greater level of independence.

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Building Amenities

  • Over 300 sophomore residential students in four buildings
  • 10 apartments per building 
  • 24 hour security presence
  • Card swipe entry at the main entrance
  • Vending machines located throughout the building
  • Laundry machines throughout the building 
  • Fitness facility located in Theresa of Avila Hall

Apartment Amenities

  • Each suite houses 7 or 8 same gender students
  • Kitchen 
  • Spacious dining/living room area
  • Large bathroom
  • Cable jack in living room
  • Fully furnished

Room Amenities

  • Double or Triple Occupancy
  • Window Coverings
  • Desks (One per resident)
  • Chairs (One per resident)
  • Adjustable bed (One per resident)*
  • Dresser Drawer (One per resident)
  • Closet Armoire (One per resident)
  • Cable Television Jack (One per room)
  • Air Conditioning/Heating Unit
  • Wireless Internet Access

*Lofting equipment is available upon request through the Residential Life Staff

Meet the Staff
Mary-Elizabeth Sabo
Residence Hall Director: Sophomore Area
Tel: 203-365-7693
  • Arianna Bruno (SRSA)
  • Christopher Agyemang
  • Lindsey Rodgers
  • John Santiago
  • Mariagrazia Scarano
  • Emery Smith
  • Lauren Tran
  • Michael Zawadzki 
Who is St. Augustine?
Augustine was born in Tagaste, Africa in 354. He led a life of a sinner turned Saint. He relentlessly searched the world for truth- but wasn't satisfied until he studied the Christian faith. His times were decadent and dangerous-- politically, socially, and morally. He answered his world with the zealous and honest gift of his heart, mind and life.
Who is St. Thomas Aquinas? 
Thomas was born in Aquino, a small town in Italy where he took his name in 1225. Despite strong Resistance from his family, Thomas joined the Dominican Order and became a priest, preacher, and teacher. He taught in Paris and spent much of his life studying and in prayer. St. Thomas remains the Catholic tradition's strongest voice for the harmonization between faith and reason. St. Thomas Aquinas is the patron Saint for Catholic universities and schools.
Who is St. Teresa of Avila?
Teresa was born in Avila, Spain in 1515. At a young age, Teresa was entrusted to the care of Augustinian nuns. After reading the letters of St. Jerome, Teresa desired to join the religious life and entered the Carmelite Order in 1535. She left a significant legacy of profound and poetic writings that are important benchmarks in the history of Christian mysticism. In 1970, Pope Paul VI recognized Teresa for her profound writing as the first woman Doctor.
Who is Blessed John Henry Newman?
John Henry Newman was a leading figure in the Church of England before his conversion to Catholicism in 1845. He was a scholar at Oxford and a brilliant speaker and writer. He was one of the prime leaders of the Oxford Movement, which sought to find communion between the different branches of the Christian faith. He was designated a Cardinal in 1877. A man of solitude and action, Newman had a tremendous capacity for friendship and human sympathy. His thoughts and writings had an overwhelming influence at the Second Vatican Council. He was Beatified by Pope Benedict the XVI in 2010, the last step before Canonization as a Saint.