Christian Witness Commons


Christian Witness CommonsJust across the street from campus, Christian Witness Commons (CWC) houses sophomores. It consists of three buildings: Jean Donovan Hall, Oscar Romero Hall and Dorothy Day Hall. CWC is home to a fitness center located in Donovan Hall. Christian Witness Commons offers suite-style living, with each suite offering a kitchenette, study lounge and comfortable living space that gives sophomore students greater independence while still keeping them connected to SHU's campus. ‌‌

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Building Amenities

  • Over 300 sophomore residential students in three buildings
  • 12 suites per building
  • 24 hour security presence at the front desk
  • Card swipe entry at the main entrance
  • Vending machines located throughout the building
  • Laundry machines throughout the building
  • The CWC Fitness Center is located in the Jean Donovan building  
‌‎‌Christian Witness Commons Fitness Room‌‌
CWC Fitness Center
Suite Amenities
  • Each suite houses 10-12 same gender students
  • Spacious study lounge
  • Living/Dining room area with kitchen
Room Amenities
  • Double Occupancy
  • Window Coverings
  • Card Swipe Entry to the Room
  • Desks (One per resident)
  • Chairs (One per resident)
  • Adjustable bed (One per resident)*
  • Dresser Drawer (One per resident)
  • Closet Armoire (One per resident)
  • Cable Television Jack (One per room)
  • Air Conditioning/Heating Unit
  • Wireless Internet Access


Additional Notes

The University provides toilet paper for the suites throughout the year. Cleaning of the suites is coordinated by the students sharing the common space.

Meet the Staff

Cody Jones
Residence Hall Director
Tel: 203-416-3735 

Resident Success Assistants

  • Abigail Black (SRSA)
  • Bianca Cherenfant
  • Raquel Divincenzo
  • Benjamin Harrell
  • Deanna Jacobs
  • Daniele Mascia
  • Gina Moriello
  • Allison Plezia
  • Isaiah Walters

Who is Archbishop Oscar Romero?

Archbishop Oscar Romero was born in San Miguel, El Salvador. He was ordained a priest in 1942 and was consecrated as an Archbishop in 1942, with the hope that he might help resolve overwhelming violent tensions in the area. He adopted and preached the thought of liberation theology, and spoke publicly on behalf of the poor and oppressed. Archbishop Romero was assassinated while saying Mass on March 24, 1980. His death was felt around the world, as people today work for social justice in his name.

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Who is Jean Donovan?

Jean Donovan was born and raised in Westport, CT, but later moved to Ohio. After a career in the business field she took interest in the Diocese of Cleveland's mission project in El Salvador in 1979. She would become the Mission's Coordinator. She was very involved with the work of Archbishop Oscar Romero and healing the then troubled region of El Salvador. Jean Donovan was murdered along with 3 others on December 2, 1980. Their deaths became a martyrdom for the poor and oppressed of El Salvador, as well as many faithful Christians in the United States.

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Who is Dorothy Day?

Dorothy Day was born in Brooklyn in 1897 and raised in Chicago. She started her career as a journalist and strongly advocated women's rights; she participated in demonstrations and protests for such causes. When she converted to Catholicism in 1933, she started the magazine, The Catholic Worker. It continually sold many copies in the 1930s and 1940s. She promoted the idea of neutral pacifism and moved back to New York to start an organization to help and feed the homeless. She died in 1980 and after a lifetime of volunteer poverty, had no money left to her name to pay for the funeral. The total cost of the funeral was covered by the Archdiocese of New York.

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