Angelo Roncalli Hall


Roncalli Hall‌Just across the street from campus, Roncalli Hall houses over 400 residential students in a suite style building. Staffed with 15 student Resident Success Assistants and 1 professional Residence Hall Director, Roncalli Hall is a great environment for students to get to know each other and prepare for academic success.
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Building Amenities

  • Over 400 residential students (First Year)
  • Common lounge space on every floor
  • Shared kitchen space on each floor
  • 24 hour security presence at the front desk
  • Card swipe entry at the main entrance
  • Vending machines located throughout the building
  • Cardio gym is located on the first floor

Suite Amenities

  • Each suite houses 25 students of the same gender
  • Shared gender specific common bathrooms
  • Laundry facilities are located in each suite
  • Card swipe entry on each suite door
  • Shared kitchen space in each suite
  • Common living room area in each suite with a mounted flat screen television
  • Common study room in each suite

Room Amenities

  • Double and Triple Occupancy
  • Window Coverings
  • Card Swipe Entry to the Room
  • Desks (One per resident)
  • Chairs (One per resident)
  • Adjustable bed (One per resident)*
  • Three Drawer Dresser (One per resident)
  • Clothes Armoire (One per resident)
  • Cable Television Jack (One per room)
  • Air Conditioning/Heating Unit
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Micro-fridge unit (One per room)

*Lofting equipment is available upon request through the Residential Life Staff.

Telephone lines are not provided in the rooms. Most students use their cell phones as their main mode of communication.

Meet the Staff

‌Matthew Somerville
Residence Hall Director
Tel: 203-416-3423 

  • Deanna Aliperti (SRSA)
  • Kelly Aarons
  • Shelbie Bachai
  • Julia Caiazzo
  • Andre Connelly
  • Jomaris Echevarria
  • Megan Gossett
  • Alison Heffler
  • Nikolas Hermanowycz
  • Matthew Kreckie
  • Emma Magliarditi
  • Jillian Milano
  • Angelina Pagano
  • Donald Rappoccio
  • Garrett Roy
  • Christopher Sammon

Who is Angelo Roncalli?

Angelo Roncalli One of the most prominent and important figures in modern Church history, Angelo Roncalli convened the Second Vatican Council as Pope John XXIII in 1961. 

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