Residency Requirement Policy

Students are required to reside in official Sacred Heart University-operated housing during the first and second academic years and will be billed for the costs of housing and a commensurate meal plan. Students commuting from their permanent home (as determined on the date of the housing deposit deadline of the preceding academic semester) at a distance no greater than 35 miles from the main campus in Fairfield, CT, may submit an appeal to the Director of Residential Life requesting exemption from this requirement. Transfer students and students entering the university prior to the Fall 2009 semester are exempt from this requirement.

Students subject to comply with this policy

Any student who began their academic course of study at Sacred Heart University as a First-Year student with a maximum of 12 credits on their academic transcript from prior academic endeavors is subject to the Residency Requirement Policy for the entirety of their enrollment during the First and Second academic years at the University.

Option to commute under this policy

For students who are subject to this policy, the option to commute is only available to those students who reside full-time at their permanent home address with a legal parent or guardian.

This home residential location:

  • Is to be no greater than a 35 miles radius away from the University‚Äôs Fairfield campus
  • Is determined by reviewing the home address on file with University on the date of the deadline to submit housing deposits.

Under this policy, students opting to commute can do so only after getting prior-approval to be released by the Residential Life Office. Address and Guardian verification are required for this approval process.  


An enrolled First-year or Sophomore student not residing in SHU housing at the start of the Fall academic semester that does not meet the release criteria or without the proper approval for commuter status will be charged the full cost of housing and meal plan as if they are living in University housing.

An enrolled student who withdraws from housing during the academic year in which they are required to live in University housing and does not meet the release criteria or has not attained the proper approval for commuter status will continue to be billed for housing and meal plan without any eligibility for a refund in that term and any subsequent term they are required to live in housing.


A student may appeal for an exception to this policy by submitting a written request to the Director of Residential Life.