Move In & Out Information

The residence halls close on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at 10 AM

All Students must check-out of their Residence Halls with a Resident Success Assistant (RSA) or another member of the Residential Life Staff. Failure to do so will result in a fine. Please attend a RSA Floor Meeting and read Area specific e-mails regarding the exact procedure in each area. Any student who does not Check-Out will forfeit their right to appeal any damages that may be assessed.

Check-Out is not the final determination of damage. Campus Ops and the Residential Life staff make additional inspections once the entire rooms are vacated. Please refer to the Damage Billing Information page for more information.

Students who need to stay past Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at 10AM should refer to the Late Stay Housing Information below.

Late Stay Housing Information

Only students with prior approval are permitted to remain in their Spring On-campus Housing Assignment during the intersession time (May 11, 2016 – May 20, 2016).

IF YOU LIVE IN SETON HALL & THE TRUMBULL MARRIOTT: You are required to vacate your room no later than 10 AM on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 and move to Merton Hall because of Senior Week and our contract with the Marriott. Please contact Gregory Madrid, Assistant Director of Residential Life, at if you have a friend who you would like to live with in another Residential Area. An assignment will be sent to you at 4 PM on Monday, May 11th, 2016. There are no exceptions to this information.

A charge of $35 per night will be charged to you for your stay past closing. Only students who fall under the following categories will not be charged:

  • International Students without a local host family
  • Students who need to stay in the local area for academic work including student teaching, internships, and lab experiments with prior approval from your professor or academic department.
  • In-season varsity athletes who are required to stay on campus for official training periods and/or games or matches with prior approval from your coach.
  • Students who are working graduation in either the Band, Choir or with Student Life and the Student Union.

If you are staying beyond the closing date, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you still complete a check-out with your RSA before the halls close. Failure to do so will result in a $50 improper check out fine.

(If you are staying on campus for academic work or as an in-season varsity athlete as defined above, please have your coach or departmental representative contact Gregory Madrid, Assistant Director of Residential Life, at to grant you the appropriate permission to stay as soon as possible.)

Fill out the request form below so you may stay in your residential housing assignment.

Summer Late Stay Intersession Application

If you need to stay for the following classes please read all of the information below:

EX 250 (Exercise Physiology with Lab), FLO 125 (The Art of Thinking) & HI 243 (The Golden Age of Greece)
May 16, 2015 to May 27, 2016 -  There is a charge of $125. These students will need to sign up for both Intersession Housing and Summer Housing. They will need to move from their current housing placement (unless Seton Hall and Trumbull Marriott) to Summer Housing (Scholar's Commons) on the evening of Friday May 20, 2016.

Summer Housing Reservation

If you have any questions regarding Late Stay Housing please contact the Residential Life office at 203-416-3417 or