Freshman Housing Registration in Three Easy Steps

Below are the three easy steps you need to take to sign up for housing at Sacred Heart University. If you run into any difficulty as you go through this process, do not hesitate to contact the Office of Residential Life at 203-416-3417.

Step 1: Create Your SHU Network Account

When to consider this step?: No sooner than 24-48 hours after a student's enrollment deposit has been received and processed.

When is this step due?: Prior to registering for Orientation. No later than May 14, 2018. 

You will need your student ID number for this process. Around 24 hours after Undergraduate Admissions receives your enrollment deposit, you will be sent a deposit letter with your student ID number and an Orientation brochure. 

  1. Go to:

  2. Click the link "Manage Network Account" located on the left side of the page
  3. Click the link "Click Here to Set up a New Network Account and Email"

  4. Fill out the appropriate prompts and click "Next"

  5. Continue through the remaining screens and your account will activate. 

If you run into any difficulty with this process, contact the IT department at 203-365-7575.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Housing Registration

When to consider this step?: After a student's SHU Network Account has been created. Students can revisit this application and make updates and changes through the deadline. 

When is this step due?: July 2, 2018

  1. Visit your online housing portal.

  2. Use your recently created SHU Username and Password to log in to "SHU Housing Self-Service Sign-In Portal". This is commonly referred to as your "Housing Portal."
    • Your username is the first portion of your email address. If your email address is, your username is "smitha". Using your entire email address will generate an error message.
    • Your password will be the same password you created when you visited the "myshu" site in step 1.

  3. From the "Registrations" drop down menu select "Fall 2018 New Freshman Student Housing Registration (Fall 2018)" and click the next button.
    • There are additional active applications available on this page. Double check and make sure you select the correct application noted above.

  4. Carefully read the Resident Hall Contract for Student Housing in its entirety. It contains the conditions of your residency on-campus.

  5. If you are 17 years of age or under on the date of your application (that is, the date you are reading the contract and filling out the applications) STOP! You must print out the following: 2018-2019 New Student Res Hall Contract. Print and fill out the contract and have a parent or guardian sign the bottom, and either fax it to 203-416-3452 or mail it to:

Office of Residential Life
Attn: Freshman Assignments
5151 Park Avenue
Fairfield, CT 06825 

You may then proceed by clicking "I agree" which will advance you to the next page of the application. If you are 18 years of age or over on the date of your application (that is, the date you are reading the contract and filling out the application), proceed by clicking "I agree" which will advance you to the next page of the application. You do not have to print and send us a copy. Only those students who are under 18 when completing the application require a parental or guardian signature. 

  1. Fill out the appropriate fields in the Personal Preferences.  Click "Continue" when done.

  2. You will have the opportunity to RANK each of the freshmen halls according to your preferences, but you are not able to ultimately SELECT your hall.  While we take into consideration your building preferences for housing placement, it is NOT a guarantee as many other factors play into your housing assignment location.  You may rank up to three halls.  It is wise to rank more than just one or two buildings and have your rankings match those of your intended roommates (we’ll touch more on roommate requests further down in this message).  Remember that First-Year students are only eligible to live in "Elizabeth Ann Seton Hall," "Angelo Roncalli Hall," "Thomas Merton Hall," or "Pierre Toussaint Hall." Click "Add" for each ordered preference. Due to MANY factors, specific Residential Hall preferences are solely requests (not selections) and do not guarantee placement in a particular hall. When done, click "Complete Application."

  3. Your registration is now complete! Print that page for your own records, which contains a number of important useful reference information, web-links, and frequently asked questions. You can then proceed to finding roommates and requesting them online.

Step 3: Find & Request Your Roommates Online

When to consider this step?: In Mid-May students will be e-mailed information to their Sacred Heart account with instructions on how to sign up and use Roomsync to find roommates or how to request specific roommates they may already know.

When is this step due?: July 2, 2018

Students will have two options for finding and requesting roommates. Keep in mind, requesting a roommate is not required at all. Additionally, ANY roommate requests made by students must match their exact room designation. Students will be emailed this information to their SHU email in Mid-May. For example, a Triple-Designated student may ONLY request other Triple-Designated students. More information regarding room designation is available at the bottom of this page.

Here are the options to request a roommate, should you want to take advantage of this opportunity:

1. Search for roommates that match your room designation by using the ROOMSYNC application.

It is very important that the STUDENT (not parent, friend or relative) is the one accessing ROOMSYNC through any of these steps. If anyone other than the STUDENT attempts to access ROOMSYNC, they may risk having their profile or personal information connected to ROOMSYNC application instead of the student's. 

There are two ways to access ROOMSYNC:

  • Install the ROOMSYNC application via the AppStore (iPhone) or Play Store (Android)

Once you’ve installed ROOMSYNC, you will be required to log into the application with your Facebook account. Once you confirm the login, you will be able to start the set up for your account in the ROOMSYNC App. First, search for SACRED HEART UNIVERSITY and select it to join the University’s system. Once you start typing it, the institution name should pop up. ROOMSYNC will ask you for your Sub-Network and Passcode, which are individualized per student. Be sure to check your SHU e-mail account for your specific Sub-Network and Passcode.

RoomSync Mobile Walkthrough Video

When you have made your match, you can request that person(s) in ROOMSYNC. This completes your request via ROOMSYNC.

2. Request a roommate that you already know (e.g. from high school, your hometown or that you met at Orientation). For this option, you don't need to utilize Roomsync at all! These instructions will be emailed in Mid-May.

  • Go to your myHousing portal and log in with your SHU username and password.

  • Click on “Housing Selection” and then select “Roommates/Suitemates” from the drop-down menu.

  • Select the “Fall 2018” term.

  • Fill out any of the fields to identify the person you have agreed to live with. Make sure you have the correct spelling of their name.

  • If you are having difficulty finding them, consider only entering in the first few letters of their first and last name. If you are still having trouble finding a specific student, it may be that they do not match your room designation. 

  • In order to complete this request, the person(s) you have requested MUST go to this same section of their myHousing portal and CONFIRM your request. We can only accept requests from groups or pairs that reflect as “fully matched”. If someone has not confirmed a request, you will see a message that says “Your group is unmatched”

  • You may revisit this site as often as you would like to check the status of your roommate requests.

The deadline to select roommates is Monday, July 2, 2018.

Additional Information Regarding Freshmen Housing Selection

Room Designations: Double or Triple

Students who are Double-Designated will be assigned to a Double Room.  Students who are Triple-Designated will be assigned to a Triple Room. We do not assign “forced” triples, rather our triple rooms are natural triples. All of our rooms are commensurate in size to accommodate the amount of students assigned to them. It is important to know your specific Room Designation, so that you are correctly prepared to select roommates with the same Room Designation. Please note the following procedure for how students will be assigned to doubles and triples:

  • A student’s double/triple designation is based on a number of factors including but not limited to a student’s specific admissions status, enrollment deposit date and any potential acceptance and participation in the Thomas More Honors program. 

  • Double-Designated students are:

    • Students who have accepted through the Early Decision Program (not Early Action or Regular Decision). This is the largest portion of the Double-Designated students.

    • Students who have accepted and will participate in the Honors Program. This is a requirement of the Honors program and makes up the second largest portion of the Double-Designated students.

    • Any remaining Early Action or Regular Decision students ordered by their exact enrollment deposit dates. This is based on the amount of Early Decision & Honors students and the subsequent amount of remaining double beds to assign. Said another way, if 100 beds remain available in double rooms, the final group of Double-Designated students will be identified by the next 100 students who deposited in order earliest to latest. This is the third and smallest portion of the Double-Designated students.

    • The total number of Double Designated students will closely match the number of beds available in eligible double rooms.

    • Double-Designated students may forgo their room designation, if they would like to room with a student who is Triple-Designated. It is possible for these students to be assigned together in a triple room, once they request a third student to complete the room. Any student wishing to forgo their Double-Designation, MUST contact our office to be permitted to proceed with this change.

  • Triple-Designated students are:

    • The number of remaining Early Action or Regular Decision students based on the number of available beds in eligible triple rooms in our freshmen areas. 

    • The total number of Triple Designated students will closely match the number of triple beds available in eligible triple rooms. 

    • Roughly 40% of the incoming class will be Triple-Designated.

    • Triple-Designated students cannot request a change in status to become Double-Designated.

  • Single rooms will only be assigned to students with documented medical special needs.

Honors Students & Living Learning Communities

At Sacred Heart University, we have several themed living communities for our first year students: Honors Program, Welch Business LLC, SHU Wellness LLC, Community & Justice LLC, and Gaming & Technology LLC. The Honors Program is already determined at the time of your enrollment but the other four LLCs are application based. Those who are accepted into either the Honors or a LLC program will be sent specific instructions on or around June 25. Accepted Honors students can only live with other Honors students. Likewise LLC students must live with other students accepted into the same LLC. Once accepted into the LLC, we will provide you with more information on selecting a roommate. Please note - if you request a roommate prior to being accepted into the LLC, your roommate request will be denied if the other person is not a part of your LLC. It is recommended that students wanting to live together should apply to the same LLC. Regardless of your participation in an LLC, your double or triple designation stays the same.

More information regarding the LLC programs

All LLC Applications are due by June 21, 2018.

Special Needs Housing

If you have a unique medical condition that you think may require a special housing accommodation, you must submit this request through the “New Student Application for Services” form available through Special Learning Services located in the Jandrisevits Learning Center. To be considered for special housing accommodations, students must submit their request and requisite documentation no later than Friday, June 22, 2018. Late or incomplete requests may not be reviewed and will only be honored if such a request does not affect another student's existing assignment.

Proper medical documentation must be prepared prior to any submissions or requests. For submission guidelines and instructions for making a request, use the guide and documents here:

Housing Assignment Notifications

As you can imagine, configuring housing assignments for an entire class is an exhaustive and detailed project. We appreciate your patience throughout the entire process.  Housing assignments will go out in multiple batches. The first batch will be sent out 3-4 weeks after the Roommate Selection deadline has passed. These batches will continue to be sent over the course of several weeks to your SHU email address with all the information pertaining to how to check your housing assignment, roommate(s), when to move in, what to bring, etc. Your room assignment will also be posted online in the myHousing web portal. Please do not call about your assignment until you have been e-mailed to view your assignment in the portal. This process will begin in mid-July and span until mid-August.

Change of Plans? Commuting From Home Instead?

If your plans have changed and you would like to commute from home, rather than live on campus, simply contact our office. We can help you modify your residential status and adjust your billing statement to remove housing and meal plan charges. An adjustment in residential status, will not prevent you from being eligible for housing in future semesters.

Timeline & Deadlines

DeadlineIs this required?When?
LLC Application Due Optional or N/A Thursday, June 21, 2018
Special Needs Request Due Optional or N/A Friday, June 22, 2018
Online Housing Registration Due Required For All Monday, July 2, 2018
Roommate Requests Due  Required if Requesting Roommates Monday, July 2, 2018
  Assignment Notifications Sent By Email Mid-July - Mid-August

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions about housing, move-in, or anything else that the Residential Life Office could help you with.