It always happens! If you forget your key in your room and you are locked out, you will need to find your RA or an RA in your building to let you in. If you can’t find an RA you need to contact Public Safety. After your first lockout, there is a charge to open your door thereafter. If you lose your key, which is also your SHU card, you need to have a new one printed at the Student Union Office and then brought to Public Safety to be activated.

If you are a new student, please make any such conditions known on your housing application and/or contact the Office of Residential Life. If you are a current resident with a new condition please contact your RHD to inform him or her of the situation and the needs will be assessed.

If you are a commuter, wishing to become a resident, you can do so by contacting the Office of Residential Life.

If there is damage to your room, suite, or apartment, it will be assessed and added to your final student accounts bill in May. You will then receive an email from the Office of Residential Life with a breakdown of your charges. If you disagree with any of the charges you will need to mail in a typed, signed letter to the Office of Residential Life by July 31st. The letter will be reviewed and a decision will be mailed back to the student. If your appeal is denied you are responsible for the charges on your account. If your appeal is granted a credit in the amount will be applied to your account.

Students entering their sophomore year and above may apply for an RSA position. Informational meetings and packages will be available for students in January for the following academic year. For more information, please contact the Office of Residential Life.