Intercession and Summer Housing

The intercession schedule is as follows:
Halls Close
Halls Open
Thanksgiving Break
Day before Thanksgiving
 at 10am
Sunday after Thanksgiving
at 10am
Winter Recess
Sunday after last day of exams
at 10am
Second Monday in January
at 10am
Spring Break
First Saturday in March at 10am
Second Sunday in March at 10am
Easter Break
Wednesday before Easter
at 10am
Tuesday after Easter at 10am

Only specific students with specific needs are allowed to reside on campus during a break. Students such as athletes and international or far-away students are some examples. You can inquire further by contacting the Office of Residential Life.

If you are taking a class on campus you can apply for Summer Housing. Residents of summer housing will be charged per week. Forms will be ready in the spring semester for you to apply.

Yes, students are expected to follow the rules set forth in the Student handbook, just like they would during the school year.

Resident Assistants are on duty during the summer months just like they would be during the academic year. If a problem should arise, contact your RA or Public Safety for any assistance.

Yes, the process and rules are the same for summer housing as it is for housing during the academic year. Overnight guests of the same gender are allowed to stay in the room of the host resident. If the overnight guest is of the opposite gender, it is the resident’s responsibility to find another resident of that gender to host the guest for the evenings. You will need to speak to your RA or find an RA on duty to fill out a request for an overnight guest pass.