If there is a problem with your room and there is evidence that you truly have an unsatisfactory opinion of your room, please contact your RA or RHD to discuss options. Depending on the time of year, housing switches may be harder to complete.

Residential Life understands that from time to time roommates may not always get along. This can happen with First year students and also upperclassmen. If you feel that you and your roommate have differences that can’t be settled, please contact your RA or RHD to discuss your options.

RAs live within the community of each residence are able to act as a resource for the residents. Residents should become familiar with the RAs on their floor and in their building in the event an issue does arise. RAs are on duty each day during the following hours: Sunday-Wednesday 8pm-1am and Thursday-Saturday 8pm-2am.

If you have an emergency, try and get and contact an RA or your RHD. If you can’t reach anyone in the building, call Public Safety at 203.371.7995. If it is a crucial emergency call the Public Safety Emergency number at 203.371.7911.

Yes, you may have overnight guests. However, there are a few rules each resident must follow in order to do so. Overnight guests of the same gender are allowed to stay in the room of the host resident. If the overnight guest is of the opposite gender, it is the resident’s responsibility to find another resident of that gender to host the guest for the evenings. You will need to speak to your RA or find an RA on duty to fill out a request for an overnight guest pass.

Laundry facilities are located in each resident hall. Your SHU card will hold a balance on your card for laundry. Check your laundry balance regularly to guarantee you will have enough money to last you the semester. Once at the laundry facility, follow the directions for washing and drying your laundry. Note: Please be courteous to the other residents in the building who may be doing laundry at the same time.

No pets are allowed in the halls at any time. However, fish tanks of 5 gallons or less are permitted.