Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Every student is encouraged to participate in all Clubs/Organizations, Greek Life, Intramurals, Club Sports, D-1 Athletics, and activities on campus. Be sure to check your SHU email on a daily basis! You'll receive an email every Friday called "This Week @ SHU" where all events for the week will be listed; there are many activities, sporting events and club meetings that you can attend. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Ricci, Director of Student Activities,

All of the clubs/organizations that are offered through the Student Life/Student Activities Office are offered to all full-time undergraduate students, regardless of whether they are a commuter or resident student. We encourage all students to get involved in a club, fraternity/sorority, club sport, intramural team, etc. 

Commuters are welcome to eat in all of our facilities: 63's/Mahogany Room & Outtakes in the Main Academic Building, Linda's in the McMahon Student Commons, the Library CafĂ©, Einstein Bros Bagels, and the future on campus Diner. First Year Commuter students can use their assigned Commuter Meal Plan. You can increase your meal plan or add money to your SHU ID card (cash or credit) by going to the PHIL machine located in the hallway across from the Student Union.

Yes, the computer lab is open to all students. It can be used for research, to type papers, print papers or to check email. 

Commuter Life offers a variety of opportunities to all commuter students. We offer social activities, planned events, games, trips, etc. All commuter students are encouraged to get involved with all that SHU offers because it is an integral part of your college experience. By getting involved, you'll meet other students and expand your horizons outside the classroom. 

Yes, all fraternities and sororities are open to all full-time undergraduate students, regardless of race, religion, sex, or creed. All students are welcome to find out more information on how to go out for a fraternity or sorority by attending fall recruitment meetings & activities in August/September. You can take a glimpse at all the fraternities and sororities and see what they are about. Each one is unique, special, and offers something different to the SHU campus.

The best place to study on campus is in the Ryan Matura Library. Many students find it quiet and useful for their studies. Other places you may decide to use as a study area include Hawley Lounge, 63's, the Mahogany Room, the McMahon Student Commons building or even an empty classroom.

Commuter students in any of the lots on campus, except Scholars Commons. Each commuter student has the opportunity to receive a Commuter Parking Sticker for a small cost that and they will receive an email from Public Safety with directions of how to register online. Once registered, passes are distributed during the first couple of weeks of school in August/September by the Public Safety office. Email reminders and information will be sent out to your SHU email account. Remember to bring your SHU ID card, driver's license, and car registration with you when picking up your pass.

No, all social events on campus are offered to both resident and commuter full-time undergraduate students. Everyone is invited to attend and is always encouraged to do so. Commuters should especially attend these events because it allows them to meet resident students and fellow classmates.

Important Tips & Advice

  • Remember to check your SHU email daily!
    Professors, advisors, campus staff/officials will contact you, as well as various event announcements will be communicated with the students through email.

  • Don't leave campus between classes!
    Stay to study, eat lunch/dinner or hang out with friends.

  • Come back to campus at night or on the weekends for club meetings or to attend events!
    Your college experience is all what you make of it. There is so much fun and education to be had outside of the classroom. Don't sit at home or ever think "what if..."

  • Introduce yourself to your professors, staff members and fellow classmates!
    Don't sit back and let your college years pass you by. Get to know people and become connected to the university community.

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