Cell Phones

Cell Phone Providers
All of the following businesses are located within the Trumbull Westfield Mall,
which can be accessed via the SHU Shuttles.
Phone: 203-374-6658
Bell & Beep: pre-paid phones
Phone: 203-371- 7600
Phone: 203-373-1611
T Mobile:

Phone: 203-396-0181

  • T-Mobile seemed like the best deal for our students. They offer phone planes based on the individual’s current visa. They are not required to have a SSN, but are asked to bring a copy of their visa, have a local billing address, and a contact person in order to apply for the contract.
  • They also offer pre-paid/pay as you go phones.
  • T-Mobile seemed very enthusiastic about our call and was the most accommodating for what we are looking for.
Verizon Wireless:

Phone: 203-374-6012

  • Verizon’s best options are various pre-paid plans that allow students to bring in their own phone as long as the SIM card is compatible and activate their desired plan. Students have the option of paying per minute, week, or month.
Radio Shack:
Phone: 203-374-6670