The Pioneers More Than Music Festival

More than Music Festival

October 5, 2019
A Music, Arts & Entertainment Festival
SHU Homecoming Weekend

female soloistAbout the Festival

The Pioneers More Than Music Festival is an annual student-run event that integrates all schools working together, collaboratively, under one ‘umbrella’ to create and produce a sustainable, innovative event that showcases students’ work through the application of their learning and interests. 


Produce Coachella-style festival with “undiscovered” talent including, but not limited to, music, film, art, theater, dance, spoken and written word . . .  and put them in front of professionals that could help develop their careers as well as in front of a new fan base that includes students, faculty, and alumni.  


  • Hands-on experiences combined with practical application of theory keeps students motivated and engaged
  • Contextualizes students’ knowledge and skills into relevant culture event
  • Educates students in mind and spirit through innovative learning
  • Provides a foundation for knowledge, fosters pride in achievement, and builds confidence in their abilities
  • Encourages a large percentage of alumni’s continuous involvement
  • Generates cross-school participation while building student community
  • Attracts professionals, businesses, and potential students to campus - Creates multiple revenue streams 


To Get Involved Contact:
Sam R. Goldstein at