Student Events Team

The Student Events Team is made up of six committees. Members are invited to join as many committees as they are interested in.

The Student Events Team's committees are as follows:

  • Advertising/Public Affairs
  • Entertainment
  • Novelty Events
  • Relay for Life
  • Retention
  • Special Events
  • Theme
  • Trips and Travel

Each committee is represented by an appointed chair member. Entertainment has come in the forms of magicians, comedians, dancers, hypnotists, movies, and musical acts. Novelty events range from tie dye, bingo, stuff-a-bears, inflatables, and many more.

Trips and Travel include excursions to local stores and restaurants in the Fairfield area, and expeditions to distant locations such as Boston and NYC. Annual special events consist of Fall Fest and Spring Fest. Each festival presents novelty giveaways, food trucks, live music, inflatables and entertainment. The Student Events Team also conducts an annual Harvest Week, Winter Week in the Fall semester.

Relay for Life is an event in the spring semester that bring the Sacred Heart community together to celebrate those who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease. Money is raised for cancer research and cancer patients. 

Meetings are held bi-weekly on Mondays at 10:10PM in UC 107.

Name Title Email
Lauren Petrozzi President 
Gianna Scardigno Secretary 
Chris Sammon Advertising Chair 
Taylor Zeller Advertising Chair 
Jody Dicicco Entertainment Chair 
Kelly Doherty Novelty Chair 
Ava Del Forno Novelty Chair 
Brianna Thomas Public Affairs Chair 
Erica Heins Relay for Life Chair 
Dana Sabatino Retention Chair 
Andrea Matyszewski Special Events Chair 
Lisa Lavorgna Theme Chair 
Denisse Rodriguez Trips & Travel Chair 
Sara Helfrich Advisor 

For general questions about the Student Events Team or events, email us at For questions about specific committees, feel free to email any board member to find out how YOU can get involved!

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