2017 - 2018

Our Student Government Senate is a group of driven, proactive individuals who lead as advocates for the student body. Senators are the direct connection between the faculty and staff of each administrative department, and the students of Sacred Heart University. Our Senators bring feedback, opinions and suggestions from students to the relevant department on campus to seek change based off student feedback.

The Senate consists of sixteen members; four members from each class. Each member is assigned to work with one of the following departments on campus:

Public Safety
Works with representatives from the Department of Public Safety on promoting safety concerns of the student body. Helps to maintain a positive relationship between public safety officers and the students by holding fun, interactive events aimed to create a safer campus.

Fitness Center
Work with individuals at the Pitt center to help maintain the gym up to the standards of the student body. Duties include new initiatives and ideas regarding everything from gym equipment to fitness classes.

SHU-Dining is our school’s catering company where we get all our food from. This committee brings public opinions and suggestions to the SHU Dining council regarding food and drink in 63’s, Linda’s, and Outtakes.

Wellness and Ministry
This is a new committee that will bring health initiatives and suggestions to the Heath center and help assist them in promoting campus-wide health. Additionally, this committee will assist Campus Ministry in upholding a sense of spirituality suitable for all religions on campus. This may include new initiatives to make sure all students feel their religious expectations are being met and respected.

Campus Operations
This committee is responsible for maintaining the well-being of our campus and ensuring that all the needs as far as dorm and campus facilities are maintained such as snow removal, MOPS requests, and other general maintenance of the SHU campus. Campus Operations is responsible for events and set up, landscaping services, custodial services, and infrastructure management.

Educational Affairs
The committee works toward improving overall student life in areas such as Career development, Academics, Library and Information Technologies.

Student Experience
Duties shall be to collect and maintain data of public opinion. Discuss initiatives and concerns to fitting committee. Creates ideas on how to collect public opinion. Responsible for getting data through social media as well- Facebook and Instagram.

Senate meetings are held every Tuesday at 7:40PM. Each Senator also has a bi-weekly meeting with an administrator in their department to discuss the current concerns of the students.

Senator Class Year Email Address
Eve Papa - SG VP for Senate 2019 
Jessica Failace 2019 
Nicole Langlais 2019 
Jaleel St. Fleur 2019 
Ward Willis 2019 
Brittany Accurso 2020 
Shannon Fleming 2020 
Kevin Gilotti 2020 
Gavin Thurlow 2020 
Molly Hughes 2021 
Steven Lucero 2021 
Shannon McKenna 2021 
Pavel Ramirez 2021 
TBD 2022  
TBD 2022  
TBD 2022  
TBD 2022  
Sara Helfrich Advisor