A Note from the President

Hi My name is Sarah Kosha, and I am the Student Government President for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

Student Government at Sacred Heart University is made up of representation from each of the academic years within individual class boards, Student Senate, Council of Clubs and Organizations (CCO), Finance Board, Judicial Affairs, Public Affairs, and the Student Events Team (SET).  Throughout all of Student Government we strive to be diverse and inclusive to allow your voice and opinions to be heard.

We urge everyone to make your opinions, suggestions, and concerns known so that we can continue to make improvements for the entire SHU community and provide a unified student community.  Feel free to provide input through your class representatives or to any member of the Executive Board. We depend on you, the student body, to provide ongoing feedback so that we can truly represent your needs

Sarah Kosha




Sarah Kosha
Student Government President