Required Medical Forms

Before attending Sacred Heart University, each student must complete and submit necessary medical paperwork to ensure a healthy experience. The university requires your physician to complete Health forms to comply with Connecticut State Law regarding student immunizations. Health Services has a Student Health Portal for students to submit all health records. 

Completed forms should be uploaded to the Student Health Portal

Please log into the Student Health Portal with your SHU user ID and password.

Before you begin to fill out the online forms you will need to: Gather your health records, including medication and immunization records, then review your records and your family health history with family members. Please print your New Student Health Form and take it to your healthcare provider to fill out. Then you will need to upload all forms to the Health Portal.

Next, under the Forms tab you will need to complete the 3 electronic forms:

  • Medical Health History Form
  • Immunization Form
  • High Risk Tuberculosis Screen questionnaire

Attending to these forms is your responsibility. This information must be up-to-date in the Health Services data bank for you to be allowed to register in the future. You will also be restricted from entry into University Housing if you do not submit all the documents.

ATHLETES: Please note that Health Services forms are in addition to the Division 1 or Club Sports forms required by the Athletic Department. The Athletic forms are available at their website.

NURSING STUDENTS: Please use the following link to Undergraduate . Here you will find instructions and package code to set up your CastleBranch account. You will also receive an email to your SHU email account with directions to set up a Student Health Services Portal Account to be able to enter your health information and upload your CastleBranch form.

All forms must be uploaded NO LATER than July 15, 2018.


View required medical forms

All forms must be received prior to the start of classes and moving into on-campus housing.
Insurance Information

Enrollment in the Sacred Heart University Student Health Insurance is mandatory for all Full-Time Undergraduate Students. You may waive out of the Student Health Insurance and the related fee if you have proof of comparable health insurance coverage.

Additional information or request waiver of the SHU Student Health Insurance

More Information

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