Parents and Family

At Sacred Heart University, we are committed to ensuring your student has a positive experience and that your questions and concerns about the choices they make are addressed. This section of our website will answer the questions you have about Fraternity and Sorority Life and provide you with information about your son or daughter’s experience in Fraternity and Sorority Life.

About Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternities and Sororities are all values-based organizations. When your student joins a fraternity or sorority they are committing to hold themselves to higher standards based upon the four pillars of brotherhood/sisterhood, service, scholarship, and leadership. Fraternities and Sororities exist as a proven support network for your son or daughter as he or she embarks on this new period in life. Close to a million students across the country currently are fraternity and sorority members. Approximately 1,060 women make up our 7 sororities and 250 men make up our 5 fraternities.

The fraternity and sorority can help personalize your son’s or daughter’s experience at college by offering a scholastic support system; by providing hands-on experience in leading committees, managing budgets, and interacting with faculty and administrators; by exposing the student to potential careers through educational program and discussions with alumni; by offering the chance to give back to the community through service projects; and by creating close friendships with men and women who will cheer him or her on when the times are tough. With all these opportunities available, it is no wonder that fraternity and sorority members tend to graduate from college at a significantly higher rate than those not involved in fraternities and sororities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sororities and fraternities are rooted in founding principles that foster academic achievement, student involvement, community service, and life-long friendships. Greek organizations are groups of men and women who come together to form a personal network of individuals with similar ideas, interests, and a mutual pursuit of a well-rounded college education. Advantages include:

  • A support group to help make the adjustment to college easier.
  • Scholastic resources to help student achieve their academic goals.
  • Leadership skills acquired through hands-on experience.
  • Encouragement to get involved and maximize their potential on campus.
  • Opportunities for active participation in community service projects.

Sorority Recruitment
Sorority recruitment takes place during the fall semester each year. Women seeking to join a sorority must register online before beginning the recruitment process. Recruitment takes place over the course of one weekend and it is crucial that women be in attendance for the entire weekend. During this time women will attend events hosted by the sororities where they will have the opportunity to meet every sorority. Through a mutual selection process, women will determine which organization is the best fit for themselves.

Fraternity Recruitment
Fraternity Recruitment starts off with one formal event, for which men must register in advance, called “Around the World”. During this event, they will have the opportunity to speak with students from every organization. They can then attend the recruitment events for the specific chapters which interest them. This process takes place in both the fall and spring semester of each year. 

Individual chapters elect officers to manage the day-to-day operations of the organization. These officers are assisted by alumni who act as advisors. Each chapter is also responsible to report with their Inter/national organization, which offers support, advice, and direction through paid professional staff and regional volunteers. At Sacred Heart University, Denise Tiberio serves as the Interim Director of Greek Life and is the Associate Dean of Students. She is the primary contact for the Greek community. Her role is to assist, educate, and advise the members of the Greek Community. She can be reached at 203-371-7736.

Like any opportunity for involvement in college, there is a financial commitment associated with a joining or sorority. The costs go toward the Inter/National fees, chapter operating expenses, social functions, and philanthropic endeavors. Financial obligations differ among individual chapters. New member can expect to pay higher dues their first semester than in subsequent ones due to one-time costs such as initiation fees. Some organizations have payment plans available for students. While your son or daughter is participating in the recruitment process, make sure that he or she asks about the financial obligations of membership.

Sacred Heart University, along with the state of Connecticut, has a zero tolerance hazing policy for all student organizations. According to Connecticut law Section 53-23a "Hazing" means any action which recklessly or intentionally endangers the health or safety of a person for the purpose of initiation, admission into or affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a student organization. Hazing is not tolerated. If you sense your student may be participating in inappropriate activities as a result of membership in a fraternity or sorority, you should contact the Office of Greek Life. Calls will be handled in an immediate and discreet manner.

When students join fraternities and sororities, it is not just for their time at Sacred Heart University. The lifelong friendships your student will make through their chapter can last into post-college years. Greeks have national networks for its members to use for securing jobs and advancing careers. Membership in a chapter can be a life-long experience that the member and the fraternity/sorority enjoy together. Joining now is an investment in your student’s future as they will reap the benefits now and for a lifetime. Wherever a member ends up after college, chances are he/she will be able to find other members of the same fraternity/sorority.